Complex Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates and the body

The primary function of carbohydrates is to provide energy for the body

Major Sources



Whole Grain


What happens if you don't get enough complex carbohydrates?




Interesting Facts

Carbohydrates are where most of our daily energy intake should come from, but our bodies have a limit. Too many carbs and the body will covert the extra to fat.

It is possible for humans to live healthy lives while eating very low levels of carbohydrates, because our bodies can convert proteins into carbohydrates.


C is for Courageous, a bold spirit
A is for Altruistic, you place others before yourself
R is for Rare, your friendship is gold
B is for Big-hearted, so very generous
O is for Optimistic, always staying upbeat
H is for Hopeful, optimistic in the face of adversity
Y is for Yummy, so delectable
D is for Devoted, unwavering faithfulness
R is for Radical, overthrowing norms
A is for Articulate, the gift of expression
T is for Thoughtful, considerate towards all
E is for Exemplary, a class act to follow
S is for Skillful, ever up to the task