Some great stories about persistence

How two men overcame failure

There are some people who have failed, and tried again, and again to continue to succeed. Walt Disney and Thomas Edison persisted through tough times to get to the end to reach their goal.

Walt Disney has always tried to make his company better. He got declined from very many newspapers and businesses, and at the end he made it through with complete success by having fame, various theme parks, very many cartoons, and even the television shows.

Thomas Edison was persistent every step of the way because he had over 1,000 failed attempts on his inventions. He overcame his failures and always worked hard to get them to work. After all the hard work, he accomplished very many working inventions. Both of the men had very different experiences such as Walt Disney for his business, and Thomas Edison for his inventions

Edison persisted in a different way than Walt Disney. Walt Disney got fired from a very important newspaper company, which almost caused his career to fail, have him no where to go, and nothing to do because he worked so hard on it his whole life and basically fail to succeed, but at the end he was left with amazing success.

On the other hand, Edison was a creator for tools and inventions. They both achieved success at two completely different levels. Walt Disney achieved it in a more important, and more life saving form than Edison did.

Both of these men were persistent in their life times, and always kept going and persevered. After all, they show great examples for people in the future.

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Do you want to be persistent?

You often see people who are persistent, and you want to be like them.

Usually those people make it to the front page of the newspaper, and everyone wishes they could be that outstanding and amazing like those who are.

These are the steps to becoming naturally persistent.

1. Be natural, be you

2. If something comes to you that is very tough and very stressful is to try your very hardest to get past in spite of failure.

3: If you come across failure, you wont get anywhere in life if you don't get up and try harder next time.

No matter what bad things happen that get in the way of the road to success is that you need to do your best in order to get to the end of it.

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"I have a dream." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

People in the world, past and present persist, but there is one man named Martin Luther King Jr. Mr. King always got accused for being African American and his beliefs. No one white respected anything Mr. King said at the time. Mr. King gave a speech standing up for himself and the many other of the African American people. He changed many lives through the process. The date was August 28, 1963, his speech entitled "I have a dream".

Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream was to end racism in the United States of America. White people in the U.S. believed that African American's were not worthy and they should not get to have freedom, but Martin Luther King helped change that with his speech, and create more freedom for African Americans, even though they didn't gain their freedom until several years later.

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A storm has occured...

Something that has recently occurred was the rainstorm and flooding in Texas. This had happened not that many days ago. Effects started to happen that day. People were getting their houses and cars wiped out. After that had happened, it caused very many damages that also costed a lot! People needed to get new to get new cars or repairs after the disaster, which costs a lot of money. Even porches and basements became an issue with damages and flooding.

Another issue was that people could not leave the areas they were at. Streets were closed because of flooding. It would have been dangerous if they had not of been closed off. Very many people got stuck at places because of the streets. If people were far away from their homes, they had to stay overnight in a nearby hotel. These people were determined to make it through the storm and clean up the messes that it left them.

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Perseverance and Persistance occured in the Holocaust

People in World War 2 and the Holocaust had to be very persistent in order to save their lives. For example, if Jews were invaded by the Nazi's, they would get taken out of their homes and be put into many different camps, such as concentration camps or work camps, and that is where he Jews had to do whatever the Nazi's said in order to live, sometimes even when they did listen, they would get killed.

The concentration camps consist of many people having to live within barbed wire fences so none of the Jews could escape from the camps. The rooms where all the Jews slept consisted of about 60 people in each cabin, with only very small space.

The Jews had to persist through the Holocaust. It was a very hard time for everyone, but that's all they could do to live.

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