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Lesson 10

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When Harry Potter fanatics heard about the new Harry Potter based trilogy, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, fans all over the world felt like they had lost control of their muscular organs as well as consciousness in a global feeling of _____


n. 1. (medical) A stroke; a sudden loss of the ability to move muscular organs, feel bodily sensations, and a loss of consciousness caused by a rupture or blockage of blood vessels

2. Hyperbolically used to express great anger and subsequent exaggerated responses.

Roots: APO <G. "away from"

Alternative Forms of Speech: apoplectic (adj.),

Pronounciation: \ˈap-ə-ˌplek-sē\


occlusion, stroke, seizure, thrombosis



Choose the sentence in which the bold-faced word is used incorrectly.

1. Many bouts of extreme anxiety can feel similar to an attack of apoplexy , causing many people, like my stress-filled father, to be rushed to the hospital.

2. Donald Duck is famously known for his apoplectic arm movements and unintelligible duck noises.

3. My grandfather's heart disease, better known as apoplexy, causes him to experience brief periods of intense chest pains.

4. The sickly man did not know what to make of his loss of muscular control and the loss of sensation in his appendages, but when he signaled to Life Alert with his necklace, they knew he was having an apoplexy.