Self-Image and Identity

How I Present Myself Will Influence How You See Me.

How can your students really be sure they know who is on the other side of the keyboard? Just as actors and actresses play roles in movies, there are people who will pretend to be someone they are not. Anyone can pretend to be anyone they want while on the internet, and this can change how people interact and approach this person. For instance, someone could be really nice in real life, but while on the internet they often say mean things, post pictures of themselves doing something bad, or post images that offend other people.

In order to demonstrate that your students understand how anyone can pretend and act like anyone else while on the internet, we have compiled a list of DOs that your student should be able to explain to you.

A student who has met this standard should be able to DO the following:

-Identify when pictures have been altered or photoshopped.

-Understand that stereotypes can be reinforced by photos, and stereotypes can impact how someone feels about themselves.

A great way to practice this with you student is to have your student identify ways advertisements can exemplify a specific stereotype, and ask how your student thinks these affected persons feel.

Another great demonstration to really show how images on the internet can be altered is to have students photoshop their own pictures. This activity can really drive home the idea that some people can easily pretend to be doing something they usually would not do, or looking a certain way that they normally would not.

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