TASTE TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

by the best person in the universe.... Amiyah Erwin!!!:D

What were some problems you had?

some problems that we had o investagate were what we needed to do for the prject and what brands we needed to use and what flavor they both needed to be. when we chose jello we decided to do the brand JELL-O and the brand shur fine.

what are some things that you learned about each company?

somethings that i learned about the company JELL-O is, That the gelatin that is put in JELL-) is made out of cattle bones. That is actually for all brands of JELL-O I think. For the shurfine company i found out that the company was started in, The 1930's.

my hypothesis

My hypothesis was, we believe that If we test the brands for jello shurfine and JELL-O than JELL-O will be the most preferred out of the both of them.


Well shurfine won because the 32% is good because shurfine was the cheaper kind and it was talking out how it is a cheaper brand and it taste just as good. And only 32% could tell the difference of shurfine and the brand JELL-O. And 68% of the people who tasted our jello could not taste a difference. So the shurfine would be a better deal because it is cheaper and it taste the same.


We had a couple of materials. We had, Ice cube trays to put the jello in, We had the board thins so people could not see what we where doing like the order we were putting them in. WE also needed the jello of course, We need the cups, And our randomizer sheet. I will walk you through our steps.

Step #1: Make the jello The night before the taste test.

Step #2: Make sure you have all materials such as jello, randomizer sheet, cups, gloves, tray, and 3 peg boards.

Step #3: set up stand ( put peg boards, hang posters, Put jello in cups(ketchup cups), place them in order from 123 or abc.

Step #4: put out trays with labled letters a,b,c

Step #5: Arrange cups, you can have to look at the randomizer sheet and set up the cups in order, example: If the randomizer sheet says 2,1,3 the cup #2 will always be surfing and it would be in spot A cup #1 would be in spot B and cup #3 would be in spot C.

Step #6: Greet the client and tell them what type of test you are doing what your products and allergies concerns.

Step #7: Ask client their name, gender, ask them to try all of the products and say which one is different, Have client fill out iPad and have whoever is in charge of the randomizer fill out the sheet.

Step#8: Fill out a row on the randomizer sheet. (Name gender which one taste different.)

Step #9: when the client is done, throw away the cups they used and get new ones. (The order is what ver the randomizer sheet says.) Example: if on the randomizer sheet says 1,3,2 then you put it in that order

Step #10: repeat steps 4-8 about 100, with different people.

Step #11: Write our conclusion.

My conclusion

My hypothesis was If the students are given a test between JELL-O and shurfine, Then i think That less then 30% would not taste a difference. My conclusion was reject because there were 32% that could taste a difference i was close but it was a little over 30%.

An error that i made personally was that i forgot to write someones name on the randomizer sheet.