Mark's Monday Morning Memo

December 7, 2015

Appreciate Feedback

I appreciate the feedback about communication, visibility and accessibility and people have shared great ideas. It is helpful for me to get specific input. For example, a few comments were made that, "it could be better" and "sometimes things seem last minute." I understand and appreciate that but it would be helpful if you have ideas about how it could be better or improved for you. You can share your thoughts on the Google Doc or by sending me a message. Also, I want to clarify something since this memo is one of my methods to enhance communication. I wish to be accessible to you when you need me. That might be on a spur of the moment basis when you stop by my office or when you see me out in the school. What I also thinks works well is if you need dedicated, private time with me you can schedule that with Jeanne. You can also schedule that with me but Jeanne has access to my calendar. My desire to have you schedule time with Jeanne is not a power trip or to send a message that I'm not available. Rather, it is a way to guarantee that we can connect and to respect your time and privacy. By all means, stop by my office, stop me in the hallway or other areas but know that it is always an option to schedule time with me, not a requirement. If it works better for you to stop by my office rather that schedule a time, please do that!

Hour of Code Lessons

This year I am excited to participate in The Hour of Code Week December 7-13, 2015, by working with classes on coding lessons. I am hoping to use my friends Sphero and Bee Bot assist me. Coding is a great skill that can be applied to a variety of curricular areas and I am looking forward to sharing and working with our Rice Lake Roadrunners!

Mark's Schedule

I previously let you know I will be out on Friday, December 11 and Monday, December 14, 2015, visiting my siblings and their families in Florida. I will also be presenting at and attending the TIES Conference in Minneapolis on Tuesday, December 15 and I just scheduled another day to take care of more dental work for Wednesday, December 16.

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