Retail Store Manager

Job role of a Retail Store Manager

What is a Retail Store Manager?

A Retail Store Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of stores & departments. The retail managers role is to ensure the store is being run successfully, as the aim of any retail manager is to maximise profits whilst minimising costs.

What is a Retail Store Managers duties?

A retail store manager has a varied and ranging list of duties from dealing with the financial side of the store to ensuring a high level of customer service is being delivered by their staff. They have the task of managing and motivating a sales team to increase sales and ensure efficiency. They may have to deal with staffing issues, interview potential staff and carry out performance reviews. They must also resolve health and safety, legal and security issues.

What hours are required of a Retail Store Manager?

In a full time Retail Store Manager position, you would normally work around 40 hours per week. Hours commonly include weekends and late evenings, however this can vary depending on a stores opening and closing times. Part time work is often available, many stores often have a Sunday manager, whom primarily works on Sunday's only.

What is a typical salary a Retail Store Manager?

Salaries are typically between £20,000 - £30,000 a year. Although with experience, earnings for larger store managers can rise to over £40,000 a year, occasionally reaching £70,000. Salary cam also vary depending on location of the store for example, whilst the national average is around £25,375, the London area average is around £27,000. (figures taken from, correct as of 04/09/16)

What are the entry requirements/qualifications required?

There are a number of ways in which you mat be able to become a retail manager. For example you may be promoted from within a retail department including Retail Store Manager Assistant. Another possible entry path may be graduate trainee management scheme or possibly moving from a management job in a related factor. With all these however, experience of working with customers is very important and sometimes more preferable than formal qualifications.

What Skills/ Qualities does a Retail Store Manager need to have?

To be a Retail Store Manager there are various skills and qualities a person is required to have. Firstly, a strong commitment to customer service and an understanding of the importance of this to the company. Secondly, the ability to lead and motivate a team as this is one of the most important factors within the store to maximise profits. Other key skills/ qualities include the ability to work under pressure and being able to handle calmly and efficiently, challenging situations.

What further opportunities are there?

Promotion from Retail Store Manager may involve being moved to a bigger store or even progression onto area management / regional management opportunities. It is common that, after 3 to 5 years, you may be able to move on to a senior retail management position.