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Henry VIII: one down, how many to go?

The king of England, Henry VIII, is appealing to the pope for a divorce with Catherine of Aragon so he can marry Anne Boleyn. Henry VIII promised his father, Henry VII, that he would marry his brother, Arthur's, wife so she can stay in the family. It has been said that Catherine cannot produce a baby boy therefore that means no male heir to the throne and this has caused many arguments. Their marriage is against God's law and so it has been rumoured that God is punishing them. It is vital that Henry produces a son, so to have a boy, he has to divorce Catherine of Aragon and marry Anne Boleyn.

The only way Henry can get a divorce, is to break away from the catholic church in Rome and appoint himself as head of the church of England

Our sources have told us that Anne Boleyn is already with child, this means that for the child to be Henry's, they have got to get married soon. If Anne Boleyn can't produce a boy, then how many wife's will he have in order to produce a male heir to the throne?