Purchasing Technology

Who to Contact:

  • First step would be to do a work order or send an email to the Educational Technology Secretary for a quote. In the work order or email make sure to be very specific about what Technology you are needing.
  • Here is the link to create a work order- http://goosecreek.eworkorders.com/servicecatalogue.asp?s=1

What happens next?

  • Once the work order or email is received, we will send off for quotes from different vendors that the district has approved.
  • When the quotes are received, they will then be sent on to you to review.

The next step:

  • If you agree with the quote and its contents you will forward it on to your bookkeeper at your campus to turn in to a requisition.
  • Once it is entered and approved by all departments it will be turned in to a purchase order to be submitted to the vendor.

Final Step