Elizabeth I

Renaissance Woman

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Daughter of King Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. She was the second daughter of Henry VIII but the first and only daughter in his second marriage. Her reign began after her two step siblings went before her; they were Edward and Mary I. Elizabeth I reign is often thought as a Golden Age because extravagance and luxury flourished popular culture accompanied by amazing writers such as Shakespeare and explorers like Drake and Raleigh.

Meeting Criteria for Renaissance Woman

Elizabeth I was definitely a Renaissance woman/ leader because:

  • well- rounded she was well put together (actions)
  • had courtly manners since she was the Queen of England
  • well- educated she knew various languages, how to get things, she knew how people like to be treated, knew lots of history ( shown by the decisions she makes). etc
  • she was an athlete she knew how to ride a horse.
  • she knows Literature very well it is said she enjoyed reading.
  • she appreciated the Arts and sported it

Places she lived in

When Elizabeth I was two her mother Anne Boleyn was beheaded at the Tower of London. Henry VIII claimed she was a "witch" however most believe he beheaded her because she flirted a lot with other men. Even before that her fate was sealed when she failed to provide Henry VIII a son. Therefore Elizabeth was set into care of governesses and tutors at Hatfield house and spent he time studying Greek and Latin with Cambridge scholar, Roger Ascham. Years later Katherine Parr, Henry's sixth wife, took interest in young Elizabeth and made sure she was well educated to the highest standards.
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Who did she work for ?

She didn't work for anyone she was crowned at age 25 when step sibling Mary I dies. Mary I had died unpopular by her people and tormented by her own inability to produce and heir. Everyone was looking to Elizabeth for salvation.

Facts about Elizabeth I

  • She refused to get married and never had children
  • She flirted with officials (kings, nobles etc) to get what she wanted
  • had many suitors
  • was incarcerated by Mary Tudor her step sister and previous queen
  • she wore thick white makeup to cover scars from smallpox
  • her reign started at age 25
  • she reigned for 44 years and 127 days

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Famous Works

1. Ended burning s and persecutions instated by her step sister Mary Tudor previous queen.

  • Persecuted protestants in a time where religious conflicts were at its highest peak.

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2. Established the middle way in England.

  • It was a compromise that England would neither be Protestant nor Catholic. In other words she gave her people the freedom to choose what they wanted to believe in. However they still needed to remain true and loyal to the queen.

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3. Defeated Spain in war.

  • This was Elizabeth's finest hour she really showed her people she cared for them by defeating Spain ( a great power at the time). Spain wanted territories of England that's why the war even started in the first place. After this event Queen Elizabeth I really became known as a savior of England to the people.
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