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Nov. 13, 2020

Living with an attitude of gratitude

In the past eight months, our community has faced an unprecedented amount of challenges. I encourage you to focus on the positives this month. Living with an attitude of gratitude is one of the best things we can do for our own mental health. I am thankful for how hard our students, staff, and families have worked to make online learning successful for many of our students at RMS. We have found ways to stay connected and build a classroom community.

This past week the community generosity has been amazing! When I looked this morning, the PTSA fundraiser is at $4,821 in one week! This will allow us to provide hot holiday meals to 54 of our families who will appreciate this kind gift of generosity.

Last week Office Depot on Tudor donated three pallets of school supplies to Romig. We are overwhelmed by the volume of items that were donated. This donation was made possible by individual donations in the store and a huge supplement of supplies from Office Depot itself. Thank you so much to manager Jae Witzke, Office Depot's staff, and community members who donated.

Finally, my heart is filled with gratitude for how amazing our entire Romig community is. There is no other school I would want to work at during all that we continue to face. After years have passed, we will look upon it with pride when we reflect on this time. Pride for all that we accomplished when it seemed impossible, pride for how we continue to lift one another up, and pride in our community's perseverance. Take the time to recognize what you have accomplished and been able to adapt to over the past eight months. Take the time to think of all the positives that have happened during this difficult time. There is no better feeling than having a heart full of gratitude.

Thank you Office Depot!

Thanksgiving Meals for Romig Families

We are so close to our original goal!! Can you help us reach it or beat it? Our goal was to provide meals for 50-60 families. Romig has been so generous we would love to have enough to provide meals for all 100+ students who need this support.

Please join Romig PTSA to raise funds to help provide a Thanksgiving Meal to Romig Families that could use our support this Holiday Season. . Please feel free to copy the link and share it!

We hope your families and friends have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Thank you for your support.


Romig PTSA

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Win prizes EVERY week!

On Mondays Romig will be drawing the name of one 7th grade and one 8th grade student who had perfect zoom attendance the week before. Prizes include a "Romig Strong" backpack, fun school supplies and sweet treats. We know attendance is key to success and we appreciate all of you who make it a priority to get to zoom every day!
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Spirit Week is coming

Messy Mathlete Manbun Monday - If you have Mathlete gear, ROCK IT! Messy hair, messy clothes, mismatched, man-bun - whatever suits your Monday mood!

Talent Tuesday - Rock your talent, whether it’s an outfit or props, or both! Class mini-talent show for those who are ready to share.

Thumbsday Thursday - Dress your thumb up like a character and invent a personality, voice, etc. Feel free to make clothes, a hat, a mustache, add a bun, whatever works for your thumb person! Your thumb person also needs a name and a short appropriate back story. Turn those cameras on for your thumb personalities!

Rock Your Mocs & Shine Bright Friday - Let’s end the week on a bright note! Wear your moccasins, turquoise ribbon, traditional regalia or shine bright with your neon and bright colors.

Rock Your Mocs

Established in 2011, Rock Your Mocs is an annual Native American & Indigenous Peoples movement held in conjunction with Native American Heritage Month. It is easy to participate by wearing moccasins or indigenous footwear to school, work or everywhere. If a person does not own moccasins, cannot wear moccasins, or perhaps their Tribe did not wear moccasins, they may wear a Turquoise Awareness Ribbon instead. Through social media, participants can post their photos for everyone to enjoy, share stories and help create an “online photo album” by using the following hashtag: #ASDRockYourMocs2020 #ROCKYOURMOCS. Check out RockYourMocs on Facebook:


Please remember if your student is going to miss a class please either use the online attendance module in Q or contact the front office. If you think a student was marked absent in error please contact that teacher directly and they can let the office know to make changes.

Romig Gear is a great gift!

If you are looking for a great gift for the holidays please check out or Romig Swag Shop!

Shopping on Amazon? Send us a smile...

As many of you know, if you do your Amazon shopping by logging into Amazon Smile, they will donate funds to a non-profit based on purchases. Please mark Romig Junior High PTSA as your recipient in your Amazon profile. It is a great passive way to support our school and stay safe while shopping.

Please stay safe

This year creativity is key to having a safe holiday season. Many families are choosing to celebrate in person with only immediate family. Please remember that reducing our social bubbles and wearing masks in public is how we all do our part to reduce the number of COVID cases in our community. Below is a link to the latest info from the CDC on mask-wearing.

Keeping up with math and language arts skills

Now that we are in the swing of the second-quarter I would like to remind you that students can keep their language arts and math skills sharp even if they do not have a course this quarter, Iready is available to students all school year and is a "smart" program which means it custom tailors the lessons to your child's areas of potential growth

Two best ways to support your student's learning

1) Confirm that your student is attending zoom class. Student attendance can be viewed in Q. Research shows that attendance is the number one factor in student academic success.

2) Check Canvas weekly for assignment completion. We are all more successful when we have some form of accountability :)

Below are the steps to log into Canvas as an adult

Return Planning

At some point, the in-person school will resume. I do not anticipate a return for middle school students in 2020, but we are currently working on our plans so that when that day comes, we will be as prepared as possible.

´We are working to develop a schedule, risk mitigation, CDC Behavior, and instruction delivery plans.

'Plans will include input from families, staff, and ASD leadership.

´We plan to have a schedule that begins when students arrive and outline the school day until students leave.

´We will have a risk mitigation plan to cover disinfection, social distancing, mask-wearing, students eating and drinking and passing between classes.

´We are working on rearranging rooms for spacing.

´We are developing procedures to teach students expectations and the new norms around face coverings, social distancing, and avoiding crowded situations.