Federal Debt

By: Jennifer Cartagena

What is federal debt?

Debt increases when government sells debt to the public to finnance budget deficits. It is called DEBT HELD BY THE PUBLIC. Also debt increases when the government issues debt to certain government accounts such as: social security, Medicare, and transportation trust funds.

By: Kate April 4,2015

My husband and I both went to school at a public University. We thought that going to a public University would be cheaper in the long run but, we were wrong. I have a bachelors degree and half of a graduate degree. My husband has his bachelors and graduate degree. All in all, our student loan totals 260,000 dollars (private and federal). Our annual gross income is about 48,000 dollars. We have a baby that we can barely afford to buy nessisary things for. While our income is average for the place in which we live, our income is just enough to cover our loan payments of nearly 3,000 dollars a month. We are in desperate need of help like many other young adults struggling to pay their student loans. We only live once, and a large number of people in our generation (including my family) will never get to do the things any human should be able to do like eat,raise a family, have a decent place to live or enjoy life.

Jennifer Cartagena

Pettit 3rd Period