Fourth Grade Weekly Announcements

March 9, 2015

A Note From Ms. Frehner

Happy Tuesday!

I have loved seeing so many students take advantage of the SBAC Prep classes over these past few weeks! From what you guys are telling me, most of you are starting to feel more comfortable and confident with the upcoming assessments, and that is FANTASTIC! If you haven't had a chance to attend any of our SBAC Prep classes, try to come this week. They will help you prepare for the SBACs, which are coming up. Also, if you have not yet checked out the practice tests, you can do that HERE. We have also been sending out video tutorials each week to help with using the special tools in the SBAC. To access the full YouTube playlist, click HERE.

SBAC locations and signups are available!!! Check out the video below for testing dates and locations, then click HERE to register. Mr. Gerhardt has sent an email to your personal email account (the one you registered with) that has your login information. Remember, all public school students (NVVA is a state public school) in the state of Nevada are required to take the SBAC assessments.

Below you can find the link to the March Checkpoint. Do NOT wait until the last minute to complete this. For the ELA portion, there are three reading passages; however, Mrs. Mortier has been going through each passage during her SBAC Prep (RLA) classes, so if you've been attending those, she's been helping you prepare. If you have not attended those sessions, you may want to view the recordings. Also, the math portion of the checkpoint will be completed a little differently. Please let me know if you have any questions about how to complete this month's checkpoint. It is due Friday, March 20th.

The end of the third quarter is March 27th. As of today, your progress should be between 69% and 70%. By the end of the quarter, you should be at 75% progress in all your courses. If you would like a course overview that shows your current progress, please send me a kmail request.

Have a GREAT week, and if you need anything, please kmail or call me at (702) 407-1825 x7055.

~Ms. Frehner
March Checkpoint

Due Friday, March 20, 2015

SBAC Testing Dates & Locations


SBAC Tutorials

Tutorials for Both Tests (sent out week of February 16th):
  1. Expansion Tool:
  2. Menu Options:
  3. Word Definitions:
  4. Navigation:

Tutorials for ELA Test (sent out week of February 23rd):

  1. ELA Ways to Answer:
  2. Listening Element:
  3. Global Notes:

Tutorials for Math Test (sent out week of March 2nd):

1. Entering Fractions:
2. Answering All Parts:
3. Completing Charts & Graphs:
4. Multiple Choice Answers:
5. Using a Protractor:
6. Drag & Drop:
7. Delete:

March 2015 Class Connect Lesson Calendar

Print the March Class Connect Calendar HERE.
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Typing Resource

It is SO incredibly important that you are learning how to type correctly, especially with the SBAC coming up this year (which is computer based and will require a strong typing foundation). I have found a pretty good website that teaches typing skills and is FREE!

Check out, and sign up for a free account to keep track of your typing progress.