Tools in scientific investigations

scientific tools

The kinds of tools used for science projects

Scientists collect data use lots of tools and use their five senses. The tools are used for measurement and other experiments that they do.

Using tools to measure change

If you would roll a ball across the floor, use a ruler or stopwatch to measure how far the ball went.

Using tools to communicate

Scientists use email, the internet, cell phones, and many more ways to communicate and talk to each other.

Important scientific words

  • Data ( information)
  • Hand lens or Magnifying glass ( a tool that makes little things look BIG.)
  • Binoculars ( goggles to see that are very far away.)
  • Telescope ( seeing the distance that goes to the moon.)
  • Volume ( Is how much something takes up.)
  • Temperature ( hot or cold.)
  • Mass ( Is the amount of material in something.)

Review everything you learned with three simple questions

Question #1

A scientist is measuring a plant. He thinks he should use a thermometer. Should he use it?

yes or no?

Question #2

How may scientific tools are there?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. many

Question #3

What are the five senses?


NEVER taste or smell anything in science class unless your teacher tells you to. Always wash your hands after you do a science activity.

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stuff to remember

1.the five senses not touch tools in science class