Burlington County Special Services School District


As it is a new year, students will be learning a new set of swim skills. They will be refining the skills they already learned such as breath control, floating on both the front and back, gliding, kicking, rollovers, and front crawl with rollovers. Through the consistent practice of these skills the student's progress is becoming increasingly noticeable. Their confidence continues to increase in the water as they become stronger and comfortable with their new skills. It is amazing to see how their hard work is paying off!

Students are also, working on building positive social interactions and team work. They are providing reflective feedback to their peers that is both positive, encouraging, and respectful. Students are demonstrating their understanding by performing their newly learned skills and through quick checks after the aquatics lesson is complete. I am so proud of all the students here at BCSSSD. Keep up the great work!

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Fast and Little Kicks !

The student was working on kicking with a kickboard. This was one of the first times the student did his swim skills without a swim belt. His confidence is really growing !
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Spinning !

The student was working for spins in the water. He did such hard work and earned super fast spins. Good Job !