black ops 2 zombies

mathew garcia

The best selling game in 2012 is Call Of Duty:Black Ops 2:Zombies.It's the best when it's on zombies becuase of the weapons, perks, and the upgradeson the Green Run map.


Having a Gali , can make you feel unstopable. It's top 1 because of it terrific damage,range, and it's accuracy.Having a Hamr, makes you worry on higher rounds . It's top 2 because of it's damage getting weaker and weaker. You might feel the same way about the ray gun because of the same reason.


When you have the Jugger Nog, you might fell like saying H.Y.F.R. It's top i because it takes longer for you to die. Having the Quick Revive, you will always know that you have another life. It's top 2 because it runs out quick and it's not useful in multiplayer zombies.When you have the speedi cola,you fell like the fastest reloading man in the world. it's top 3 because all you can do is reload fast and it comes in handy on higher rounds.


Every time, when you buy the pack a punch, you are doing good.It's top 1 because it upgrades your weapon.when you feel like the box is near you, you feel like god is pulling you.its top 2 because it moves to another location and it gives you sucky guns most times.In times, when you have the turbine and find pieces to the bus, it fells like you've found treasure. it's top 3 because it helps the bus, but not you.

things you need

Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 is the best when it's on Zombies because of the weapons,perks and the upgrades on the Green Run.I hope you survive with the upgrade Gali and Ray Gun with the Jugger Nog.