~The Great Artist Albrecht Durer~


Albrcht's Past

Albrecht Durer was born May 21, 1471 in Nuremberg Germany. Albrecht was the 2nd of 18 children. His family was not poor yet not the richest, his father worked as a goldsmith and his mother was mainly a stay at home mom. When he was 13 he became an apprentice for his father. After three years he decided he no longer wanted to be a goldsmith apprentice and would rather become an apprentice of an artist and do art as a career, so he went to Michael Wolgemut

What are some of his greatest achievements?

Albrecht was a well know artist and print maker. One thing he was famous for was his woodcuts such as The martyrdom of St John, St John's vision of the seven candlesticks, St John kneeling before Christ and the twenty-four elders. Another achievement was changing visual landscapes and human proportion with his woodcuts, paintings, and prints. Lats another one of his achievements was making his paintings have realistic features, debt, color, and etc, for example Adam & Eve, Lamentation for Christ, Self-Portrait, Christ among the Doctors

How does he affect us today?

Albrecht has effected us in many ways today. He created new forms of art that create debt, dimension, and realistic paintings, woodcuts, and prints. He also affected us by making woodcuts. He taught the carving with a meaning that could show war and religion. Last he taught us how he can take religion and stories from the bible, and make it into art that has meaning, represents and can tell a whole story by just looking a realistic figures of art.
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