Next Week in Mrs. Bell's PreK Class

April 11-15. 2016

We're Going Buggy!

We have been quite busy learning that there are different types of `bugs and they live outside. We will learn about the types of bugs that are helpful and which bugs are considered pests.

Our focus this week has been on pill bugs (roly-poly's), which we learned are not bugs at all but are considered crustaceans. Some of the facts we learned about pill bugs are: they have 14 legs, seven on each side of their bodies. Their bodies are made up of seven segments and they have a small head with two antennae. As they grow, they shed their outer skin and they eat that skin. They eat dead leaves, fruit and vegetables. When they are scared they curl up in a ball to protect themselves. Spiders and other insects eat pill bugs. In the winter months pill bugs hibernate and in the spring they wake up. The mother pill bug has a pouch that the babies mature and hatch from. They are very tiny, about the size of a grain of rice. When a pill bug is sick it is either blue or purple.

Next week we will be learning about butterflies, dragonflies and bees, the helpful insects in our world. We will also try some honey on bread to see if we like the food that bees make for us.

Please take time each day to talk with your children about the amazing bugs that share our world with us. I am hoping to help the children begin to understand that we need to treat all creatures kindly and do not need to step on them if they are not bothering us.

I need to share a couple of reminders:

1. Our school day starts at 8:40 AM. If you child arrives at 8:45, he/she is considered tardy. When a child arrives late to school, it disrupts the rest of the class and we have a hard time starting our instructional day.

2. The weather is getting warmer and the children need to have a water bottle they can bring back and forth to school each day. Please make sure your child's water bottle is cleaned each day and filled with fresh water. Your child is able to refill his/her bottle if they drink all of the water during the school day.

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I check email in the morning before school, during our brain break (mid-day), at the end of the instructional day (3:30 PM) and once more at 7:30 PM.