Book Project

My book is called Witchlanders. Witchlanders is about a young boy named Ryder and his adventures as a village boy with a witch for a mother. Ryder's village is ruined when it is invaded with baens and assassins and it is up to Ryder to find his missing mother and seek revenge.


In the book Witchlanders there is a lot of characterization. One example is when Pima says, "Where is Maba? I want Maba to come back! I miss her!" That area of dialogue shows how worried and dependent Pima is towards Mabis, who she calls Maba.

Skyla also shows characterization through her conversation.

"Ryder you wouldn't understand! You never listen to me anyway! Why start now? My feelings don't matter now, and to you they never did. We have to worry about Pima now that Mabis is most likely dead because of you!"

That area of text also shows some characterization of Ryder.