ScootPad 2-1-4

2 facts, 1 hint, and 4 resources to get to know ScootPad!

Fact #1: Purpose

Use this resource to personalize and accelerate learning.

Fact #2: How is this Resource different than programs we have at MGSD?

ScootPad is an engaging format to lead students through the common core curriculum at their own pace. Teachers can make the pathways and the program will provide rigorous questions and intervention strategies.


Encourage students to utilize the videos under the Scootorials tab. These lessons are labeled by strand to give students instruction when you are not available.

1. Picture of a Learning Path

2. Document: 10 Ways ScootPad is Unique and Different than other Products

3. Document: Top 10 ways teachers use ScootPad

4. Teacher Talk with Misty Willard