Third Grade News

December Curriculum Update

Reading Workshop

Third grade readers are in the middle of their non-fiction unit. Over the next few weeks, they will engage in book clubs using books they chose. Each student will have a role in this club such as director or recorder. They will only have a week to read their book so it is important they make a plan for what pages they will read each day and night. Following this reading, students will create a game board that involves important elements of what they read (Think: high style book report!)

Writing Workshop

We are in the midst of our non-fiction unit in which students chose a topic they are an expert on and are currently writing about it. This is the first time they are formally being introduced to the structure of a paragraph. By the end of this unit, they will have written a 3 - 5 paragraph essay on their chosen topic, with an introduction and conclusion.


We are introducing ourselves to the 6, 7, 8, and 9 multiplication and division facts this month. The students have seen these problems before and have them in their multiplication chart but we are going to make a more concerted effort to know these facts. Please practice these facts at home as often as possible!

Social Studies

Third graders are independently researching various European countries, focusing on climate, geography, landmarks, and culture. In the next few weeks, students will be working on a "Country in a Bag" project in which they will choose a country in Europe and present information to the class. Each side of a paper bag will be covered with information and inside will be 3D models of landmarks and other things important to that country. We can't wait to see the creative process at work!


Monday, Dec. 7th, 9am

2000 Pennington Road

Ewing Township, NJ

Art Museum Field Trip

Monday, Dec. 15th 2014 at 9am

Philadelphia Art Museum

The third grade is going to the Philadelphia Museum of Art to take a tour of European art and analyze specific pieces and time periods. We will use the art to make inferences about the way of life in certain time periods and about the continent itself. This is exciting because we are beginning our Europe unit this month and the trip will help us get a better idea of the history and culture of certain countries in Europe!

Delivering Gifts

Thursday, Dec. 17th, 9am

7 Dunmore Avenue

Ewing Township, NJ