The Boy Who Saved Baseball

Zach Budden


Stand up for what you believe in!


Maria proudly stood up for what she believed in. She was a determined fighter. She sacrificed her own phyiscal being for the whole team, even when she was in extreme pain. She reminds me of myself because I sacrifice my time and body for the sport I love - wrestling.


Tom changed in a positive way. At the beginning of the story he was really shy kid - not very confident. He changed throughout the story where he was inspired by Maria and started standing up and getting more courage. He had the guts to ask to pitch when he saw Maria in pain.


The climax was when Maria got severly injured, they were behind, and Tom hit the fly ball to win the game. It did not turn out like I thought. I thought he would get out.


I picture my parents as my heros. Whenever I need them they are there for me. They are always on my side.