Abel Magwitch vs. Serevus Snape

Meghan Crump and Isabella Salerno

Character Trait: Convict or Wrong Side of Right

Abel Magwitch and Severus Snape are both seen as the bad guy in theses stories, but towards the end both of them are revealed to be the protector of the protagonist and has a compassionate side. Deep down they have good in them, but no one sees that because all they can see is all the wrong they have done.

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  • Compassionate
  • Stubborn
  • Noble and Brave
  • Control their emotions
  • Don't interact well with others
  • They both die


The Characters have some minor differences, but for the most part their characters are the same.


  • Gentleman
  • Wizard
  • Teacher


  • Poor Man
  • Prisoner

Magwitch and Snape secretly protect and look after the protagonist to make sure they have a good future.

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How do Magwitch and Snape Fulfill the Role of the "Convict?"

Magwitch and Snape are able to fulfill the role of the "convict" because they detach themselves from their emotions and when they do feel something they don't show it because they distance themselves. They put on a "bad guy" mask so they can cover up their compassion. They also fulfill this role by being vengeful. The two both do whatever it takes to get back at those who wrong them or the ones they love.

Author's Purpose/ Importance of the Role

Although Magwitch and Snape are known as "convicts" it's important because both protagonists have a certain opinion on the characters. The fact that the Magwitch and Snape are "convicts" makes it easier for the protagonists to not suspect anything about them protecting and looking after them through the years. The author wants you to think they are evil until the end when they end up having a good side.

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