March Newsletter 2022

Valley View Elementary School

From Principal Kuhlman

Dear Families,

I cannot believe it’s the beginning of March already. The first half of the year seemed to fly by! As we enter March, I am happy to report our COVID numbers are on a sharp decline. With the decline of positive cases comes the opening up of some of the mitigation measures we have in place. We will be hosting our upcoming Parent Academy, evening events, PTO and concerts in person!

The CHPS Leadership Team is reviewing the factors regarding our masking/face covering requirement. Some of the factors include:

  • The local COVID case rates
  • Vaccine availability for all ages
  • The federal requirement for masks on school buses expiring at the end of March
  • CDC and MN Department of Health guidance
  • School Board policy

We understand that COVID may ebb and surge in the future. Therefore our school community may experience times when masks are recommended in school and other times when masks are required in school. Any changes to the current mask requirement will be communicated to students, staff and families.

It was amazing to see families attending conferences in person. It breaths life back into our school to see parents and caring adults in our building working together to ensure the success of their children. Parents are such an important partner in their child’s educational career. As we continue to work through the rest of the year, I am looking forward to many more in-person meetings with parents. We need to show you all the great things that are happening at school!

Over the past month, we have seen an increase in social media misuse by students. These issues typically originate outside of school time, but are working their way into our classrooms. These issues are causing students to focus more on the drama of the post rather than the learning they need to be doing. I cannot stress enough the importance of parents monitoring their children’s texts, Instagram post, snapchat and Tik Tok pages. Many times parents aren’t aware of what is going back and forth on their child’s social media until we bring it to their attention. The content of these posts range from bullying, threats, sexually explicit content, and inappropriate requests. We do everything we can to keep our children safe. In my opinion, the greatest risks to our children right now is social media. Please take the time to look at your child’s Snapchat , Instagram, texts and Tik Tok pages. Together we will do our best to keep them safe!

Thank you,

Jason Kuhlman

1st Grade

This month, the Valley View First Graders have been focusing on their reading skills and story elements through exciting read alouds and engaging activities. We worked on concepts of print when we read Me on the Map, making and confirming predictions with Mystery Vine and retelling a story with Interrupting Chicken.

A great way to reinforce these skills with your child is to continue the conversations at home. Here are a few strategies that you can use with your child to help them grow their reading skills.

  • Read for 10 minutes each day.
  • Ask questions as you read the story.
  • Talk about the pictures.
  • Be encouraging!

We look forward to watching your child continue to grow! 😊

2nd Grade

Hello Families!

Second Grade has been hard at work! The students are becoming experts at finding the topic, main idea and supporting details in their reading. They have been working hard to write their responses using complete sentences--capital letters and ending marks all in the correct places. In math, students have been working hard to master subtraction with regrouping. Please take a minute and ask your child about the different strategies they can use to solve subtraction problems!

Second grade has been taking time to learn about Black History Month and why it’s important to talk about this topic all through the year. We have also been learning a bit about weather too. PLUS…Talk about an excellent Kindness/Friendship celebration; the students had a great time! Never a dull moment in Second Grade!

-Second Grade Teachers

3rd Grade

In third grade, we have started to learn about fractions. We are practicing being able to read, write and identify them; as well as ordering and comparing like fractions. Please also keep practicing multiplication facts with your child at night! We will be sending home flashcards during conferences to help with your child’s learning.

The last few weeks of Reading have been all about ‘Forces of Nature’ and different types of weather. We have also been learning about synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms. Please keep reading with your child each and every night!

Students worked hard in January and February learning how to research. First we researched Olympic winter sports and then we created one-pagers to show what we learned. We just recently finished biography reports on influential African Americans. Be sure to ask your third grader about their reports!

In January, third graders were visited by Mr. Wes from the Blooming Heights Garden. Mr. Wes taught the kids all about seed preservation, the tribes Native to Minnesota and everyone was able to taste Wild Rice. It’s been a busy but fun start to 2022!


We’ve reached the halfway point of the year! In the first year of band, this is a very important time. Students are wrapping up learning their first 5 notes and working on playing more complex music. Our students have been working really hard on their first full band song, Power Rock, which is a Queen medley arranged by Michael Sweeney. There are different parts and rhythms happening at the same time, which means students need to be extra confident on their own music. Just this last week we finally played it from beginning to end without having to stop! In the next two months we’ll be trying to learn as many full band songs as we can to fill out our spring concert (date still to be decided).

As with all subjects, student interest will lower in the middle months of the year. This is the time to renew and refresh our efforts. All students are struggling and that is okay! We only grow through the amount of time we are willing to spend struggling, failing, and challenging ourselves. I often describe our learning like a workout. The longer we spend doing difficult heavy lifting, the stronger we become. It is really important to reward and compliment student effort, willingness to fail, and the time they spend working. Rewarding success or completed tasks creates a mindset where trying and working feel like failure until it is finished. Complimenting and rewarding the time spent working creates a positive, growth mindset and will result in more lasting, long-term success. Keep working and keep improving!

Book Fair

The Book Fair is Wednesday, March 2 and Thursday, March 3! Students can shop during the school day. Families can shop during Conferences on Wednesday, March 2 from 3 until 7 pm.

The online book fair will open on March 2 and remain open for two weeks. You can shop online and have items delivered directly to your home!

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PTO Information

Hello from PTO!

We are all getting excited for spring and there are a bunch of fun events scheduled that the whole family will enjoy. Be sure to check the important dates section of the newsletter and get them all on your calendar so you don't miss out!

The last of this year's parent-teacher conferences are March 2nd at the school or on Zoom. We have our Jersey Mike's fundraiser at the Fridley location that night so you don't have to worry about making dinner (or lunch) that day. You can call ahead, order online, or order in person any time that day - be sure to use the code "VVES50" so the store will give 50% of your purchase total back to the PTO to use for future events.

At conferences and the book fair, PTO will have gently used uniforms for sale at a very low price. If you have any uniform items you no longer need, please place them in the blue donation bin in the school lobby so they can be prepared for sale.

Our March PTO meeting is rescheduled to March 3 to accommodate the Winter Extravaganza on March 10 at McKenna Park. We will be meeting in person in the Valley View library at 5 pm for our first Carnival planning meeting. Then we will continue with the March PTO meeting at 6 pm. Masks are required and children are welcome. A Spanish interpreter will be available. We also plan to have an option to join the meetings on Zoom, if you prefer that option.

If you would like to volunteer for the Scholastic Book Fair or uniform sales on March 2, or at the Winter Extravaganza on March 10, please email We are also looking for volunteers at Cultural Night on April 6, Carnival on April 22, and City Park Clean Up on April 23, in case you like to plan ahead.

We have rescheduled our Urban Air Spirit Night event to April 26. Children are required to wear Urban Air socks and have a guardian put a signed waiver on file, which is available online at We're excited to try this venue for the first time and look forward to your feedback on the event.

We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming events and hope you have a wonderful spring!

Samara Bilyeu-Anderson

PTO President


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