Western Parenting Style

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I Think Parents Should Teach Their Kid Like Western Parents

I think parents should be like Western parents because when they teach their children like that they start passing all of their grades. Another reason parent should teach like Western parents is because they will start having a growth mindset and will be able to to what ever they want when they grow up. My last reason is because they will sucessed in life. One quote from the text that supports my reason is that ”Yale Law Schools professor, argues that Chinese moms churn out whip smart kids precisely because they don't allow childhood frivolity like sleeppovers or play dates, along with just about every else that is social, fun or distracting, including Tv, video games, sleepaway camp and auditioning for the school play.“ The quote supports my claim because Western parents children past all their classes unlike Eastern parants. Another quote that supports mu claim is “ They also insist that their children master the violin or piano but only those two instruments be the top student in every subject with the exception of gym or drama, and receive no grade below an A. This quote shows how Western parents expect their kids to get no lower than an A