The Metsoporamia News

By Corieuana Jones

Mesopotamian War

Today in Mesopotamia war was caused by Jhon trying to take rights from Webber and trying take over Webber’s land. Soon they had more disagreements about Webber’s land. Then they went to war and many people were on Webbers said because he is the biggest farm in the town and if he dies then there is no more food. Webber was so upset and also couldn’t tell the town because he doesn’t want to worry everyone. So Webber went to war and fought John and they are planing on having three wars. So Webber and John had the first war yesterday at 7:00 last night and It is all over town that Webber's soldiers won. Tomorrow Webber will be having a celebration to show his appreciation and show how thankful he is for the everyones help.

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Trades and Bargons

Today two rich people had a bad argument and the their names are Civil and Nemo. Civil and Nemo had this argument over a bargain or trade Civil was supposed to give Nemo 3billion coins for Civils New and improved suite and Tie and Civil didnt pay Nemo. Nemo made Civil bankrupt and he lost all of his gold coins and expensive suites and his house. Civil made a whole plane to get all of his stuff back from Nemo . Civil’s plan what to sneak in Nemos house to get all his stuff back without getting caught. Civil’s plan didn’t work so well and he got his feet and hands cut off . Nemo considered that to be stealing because Civil’s things were now his. So Nemo is now double what he was and Civil is now not appreciated.

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The Huge Flood

Three nights ago we had a miracle or so we thought was a miracle.There was a flood and a lot of people of all ages drowned and some survived. Some people died sadly and painfully. Here in Mesopotamia we had a flood. This flood happened because. happened because we had a drought for two months without rain. Three nights ago it rained for the first time and it was a big storm. The storm was so big that it lasted for three nights. So it flooded the rivers and those rivers connected to the sea and their speed was rapid. The sea flooded the rivers.The sea flooded most of the land. Some houses sinked and some slid away. Like i said befor a lot of people died and some survived. Now we are working on getting our city back on track and back to how it was before.

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