Sp00ky October Edition

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October 10th- 13th

"When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam, may luck be ours on homecoming"

  • Tuesday: Twitches Day (Twin Day)
  • Wednesday: Wicked Wednesday (Halloween Costumes)
  • Thursday: Ghosts of the past ( Throwback Day)
  • Friday: Monarch Pride!!! ( Seniors wear your crown, SCHOOL SPIRIT!!! )

Congratulations to all PBIS Students and Staff of the month!

PBIS Student of the Month winners:

James Sullivan (9th)

Jada Geddes (10)

Trace Monk (11th)

Gabrielle McBroom (12)

PBIS Staff of the Month winner:

Mrs. Gant

Adobe Photoshop Certified Specialists

Congratulations to those certified in Adobe Photoshop

Shemar Moore

Natasha Harris

Morgan Lancaster

Leiyah McKoy

Jordan Peoples

Kenneth DeRoche

Ethan Pettit

Jaden Ramos

Keelea Carr

Jasmine Day

Science Club

The Science National Honor Society Inducted its new members at their annual induction dinner and celebration of Thursday September 28th. Welcome to the team!

Science Olympiad practices have begun! The team took Northside to Raleigh last year as the first full team in Onslow County history to win a bid to the state competition. They are hoping to attend again this year led by Team Captain Ciera Andrade and Team manage Muhammad Zahid


Congratulations to the new members of the National Technical Honors Society

  1. Ty-kala Allen – 12
  2. Dakota Bass – 12
  3. Nicholas Bowen – 12
  4. Serenity Cortes – 12
  5. Tamara Ellis – 12
  6. Jordyn Jackson – 12
  7. Tamia Lawrence – 12
  8. Alex Ly – 12
  9. Nicholas Marr – 12
  10. Andrea Melgar – 12
  11. Alayna Santiago – 12
  12. Shariesa Taylor – 12
  13. Alexandria Taylor-Steele – 12
  14. Eyana Tilley – 12
  15. Tatianna Willoughby – 12
  16. Natasha Harris – 11
  17. Grace Landrum – 11
  18. Shemar Moore – 11
  19. Chase Neagle – 11
  20. Justin Tharp – 11
  21. Shanice Williams – 11
  22. Victor Ariton – 10
  23. Ivan DeVera – 10
  24. Konrad Koltyk – 10
  25. Scott Miller – 10
  26. Meng (Kyle) Kai Wu - 10

Key Club

Key Club Members sold Chicken Fry tickets and volunteered to hand out meals on Friday October 6th with the Onslow County Kiwanis. The club sold over 300 meals, and donated 30 meals to individuals living in the Onslow Community Services Homeless Shelter, 20 meals to ladies living in the Onslow Women's Center Shelter, and 30 meals to the Wounded Warriors of Mike Company on Camp Geiger.

Key Club Members attended the Carolina's District Fall Rally at Carowinds on Sunday October 8th to learn more about service, and meet clubs from around the state.

Candlelight Vigil

Candlelight vigil held to remember lives lost to domestic violence

Business Vs Brand

There is often a misconception between what a business is and what a brand is. Most people believe that when you open a business, then you have a brand; but that is NOT the case. By the book, a business is an organization engaged in commercial, industrial or professional activities. In other words, when you just open a business that is all you are going to get, a business. A brand serves as the identity of the company. With a branding identity, this is how a company will be perceived by its clients. What you need to understand is that when you open a business you are starting off unknown or ‘faceless’. Nobody will know your business or what it is that your business stands for. After you receive a brand for your business everything starts to come together and it all starts with a logo. Your logo is, in a sense, the initial vision for your company and once you get that initial vision then graphic designers can take your business to the next level in terms of branding. Your websites, yours advertisements, your shopping bags and even the way that you decorate the interior of your business will be given an identity. The people will come to know you and will be able to set you apart from other businesses. Why do you think that brands like Adidas, Apple, or even Google are so well known? It is because they have created an identity for themselves, they opened more than just a business they have created a brand.

~Provided By: Shariesa Taylor, 21st Century

A Sprain in the Pride

On Friday, October 13, during the dominating 57-14 win over Swansboro, our own Cameron Rogers was taken out of the game due to a blown out knee; but what exactly happened? A blown out knee, or an unhappy triad, occurs after a lateral blow to the knee, such as a tackle, which causes a rupture the the anterior cruciate ligament, collateral ligament, and the meniscus. According to Coach Knowles, the school takes precautions to make sure players don't further injure themselves and practice safe football techniques such as heads up football to decrease the chance of concussion among the players. Offensively and defensively the team has taken hits. We're down a receiver and a rusher and have to rely on the bench unit to fill in the spots, leaving us shallow in regards to depth. Player morale is affected when players see their teammates and good friends be carried off the field, but the coaching staff is confident that the athletes can handle the injuries with maturity and do what it takes to prepare for the next game

~Provided by Sean Deam, 21st Century


Volunteering is a way for individuals to change others’ lives for the better. Volunteering allows you to connect with your community in a positive way. Getting involved is amazing for all ages. When people volunteer it’s either for academic gain or just community gain. Most high school students volunteer for SAT hours. For more information about SAT hours click on the links below. Volunteering isn’t just a benefit for the place you’re helping, it can benefit you in a variety of ways as well. It can reduce stress levels, connect you to people who can help you in your career life, help you discover skills and create new skills, and it’s just beneficial overall. I will also attach a file of places that are in need of volunteers in Onslow County.

~Provided By: Ania Highsmith, 21 Century

The Lion's Spotlight

Wednesday, Oct. 25th, 7pm

365 Commons Drive South

Jacksonville, NC

the Mainstage Monarchs preformed their play "Governing Alice" before they headed off to the NCTC competition.

Provided by: Nicholette Lattibeaudeir, 21st century

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We might not be going to States, but...

Congratulations to the Main Stage Monarchs for bringing their play "Governing Alice" to the NCTC festival and winning 4 awards in the process. They came home with the live music award and excellence achievement in ensemble acting. Tatiana Forbes was awarded the Excellence in Acting award for her role as Alice, and Sean Deam was awarded the Excellence in Design and Production for Directing. Considering that this was their first year competing in the Theatre competition, our monarchs performed well and has given Northside a good name in the theatre world!

Coming Soon!

AVID Showcase - November 16

Thanksgiving Break - November 22-24

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