If I Could

by Emily Dickinson; TPCASTT By Lauren Snow

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T- Title

The title gives the impression that the poem is about possibilities because of the keyword: "If". The phrase, "If I could" makes it sound like the author wants to do something, but they are unable to do it because of a conflict.

P- Paraphrase

The author is explaining that if she is able to help someone, then her life will not be without purpose.

C- Connotation

The author is saying that her life is empty and meaningless unless she is able to help someone. She uses phrases like, "If I could stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain" to show her need to help people.

A- Attitude

The author's tone sounds very wistful and dreamy (maybe because whenever I read the poem it ends up as a song).

S- Shift

I did not find a shift in this poem

T- Title

I think the title represents the most often used phrase in the poem: "If I Could". It is introducing the poem and making people want to know what the author means by, "If I Could".

T- Theme

I think the theme of this poem is that life is empty and meaningless if you never help others.