Weekly Update

The week of November 16, 2016

Lockdown drill/ALICE drill

Monday will be our first lockdown drill/ALICE drill The ideas presented in the video by Officer Bickley from Akron, Ohio made three major points. One, listen to your teacher, first and foremost. The teacher will let the students know where to go. During the ALICE/lockdown you have two choices. One, barricade your class in the classroom. Lock the doors, pull the shades, put anything and everything you can find to stop or slow the entrance to the room. Option two is to evacuate the room. The teacher will give directions and tell the student to leave the room and meet somewhere, like the tall tower of the playground or the blue car in the parking lot. You would then direct your group farther from the building in the case of an actual emergency. The officer also reminded the students that in the event the intruder entered the room where they were that they would need to leave the room, running, screaming, kicking or distracting as they leave. Any student who is in your care will barricade or evacuate with you and stay with your group until the drill is over. We will not put out red or green cards or attempt attendance or roll call. You will sweep the hallway area as you barricade or evacuate.

I will announce that we will have a lockdown drill. After the announcement I will then make a second announcement, explaining the lockdown and where the intruder is located in the building. Staff then must decide to evacuate or barricade. The office staff will walk around the building to see who is barricaded and who evacuated. Once we have swept the building we will announce an all clear. For this ALICE/lockdown drill plan to be within viewing distance of the playground or front dumpster so that you might see the all clear signals. Once the drill is complete I will upload the form to the district web page indicating our drill is complete. Please email me with any concerns or ideas after the drill.

All staff that have not received the full training for ALICE drills will be attending workshops soon. The first group will attend on November 23rd, and hopefully another group will go in December.

Senior Citizens Luncheon

For at least 25 years the 3rd and 4th grades students have hosted a luncheon for the senior citizens of Manchester. The event has included music, a building tour and food. Originally the event was the day before the Thanksgiving break and the students peeled the potatoes for the fluffy mashed potatoes. The meal was served family style and the families made pies for the seniors and the children.

Now the food is prepared in the amazing Klager kitchen and paid for by the Klager PTO. The families are still asked to make pies for the seniors and the students eat fresh baked cookies. (Cookies, not pie are a result of the food serving guidelines and for the safety of our students.)

There will be a music program that will feature one song per grade level, all with a winter snow theme. Each grade level comes to the gym, makes a grand entrance, sings their song, and leaves to much applause. Once the singing has ended the gym needs to be transformed with tables for serving and eating. The 3/4 grade students will take the seniors on a tour of our school. This year there will be several leaders helping with the tour, table decorations, and food serving lines and seating. After the tour the seniors and students will share a ham luncheon served buffet style. The third and fourth grade teachers will eat with the students and the seniors. The National Honor Society helper will serve pie and cookies and support with table clearing. At the conclusion of lunch the students will head to recess. The NHS students helps tear down the gym and enjoy their lunch.

While all of this is happening the following things are happening with the k-2nd grade. After singing, the students go to their classrooms and wait until 11:00 and then head to recess. After recess the 1st and second graders head to their rooms or preassigned rooms to eat lunch. The kindergarten students will eat lunch first and then have recess. There will be a schedule coming out by Wednesday to confirm who is monitoring and clean up, along with times for the rehearsal, parent performance, and senior dinner.

There will be lunch available to all staff and it is generally served in the cafeteria kitchen, You will help yourself and grab a piece of pie. Leftover pie usually ends up in the staff lounge after the luncheon clean up.

There will be a schedule that includes lunch time, recess time, recess and lunch supervisors, and music arrival times.

There will be a rehearsal that is open to parents on December 8th. The afternoon rehearsal schedule will be sent with the above materials. I am looking at the options for making the rehearsal an assembly. Mr. Schoendorff will have a substitute for the afternoon rehearsal.

We are looking at leadership roles involving the table decorations, program design, and favors for the seniors. It has generally been the norm for all classes to help with decoration for the hallways. The idea is to highlight what is happening in the building.

We are sending out flyers to local churches, the Senior newsletter, the Trumpeter, and to the senior citizen lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you attend a local church, we would love your connection to help get the flyer into the bulletin/church paper. Please let me know if you are willing to be the contact.

On December 9th, we all try to park in the church parking lot to save the parking lot for the senior visitors.

Thank You and Welcome Back

Thank you Cara Chandler for stepping in and seamlessly carrying on with all that is second grade for Amie Clark Armstrong. Amie is back on Monday and excited to be back to work.


Conferences appear well attended. Mrs. VanBogelen shared information about Stress management. It was great to see how many families were calm and relaxed after speaking to their child's teacher. The Foundation appreciates the stars outside your classrooms, calling attention to the ways that they have supported our school.

Hopefully everyone was able to take a few minutes to relax. Please share/give feedback to the process of conferences, anything to improve, upgrade or delete.

The PTO meal was well received, and thanks Julie for sharing the leftovers with families. I believe there is still pumpkin cake in the refrig for Monday.

The Leader in Me

Several things are happening for The Leader in Me grant and programs. The communication with LIM has been a bit confusing, but it is all starting to fall in place. I will meet with Steve Yauch this week and he is going over the grants, what is due to the grant, what is needs to be added to the website, the surveys that need to be completed, and answer questions. I did learn that we have access to the virtual training of two LIM trainers who will then be able to inservice all who need training.

We just received an invitation to a LIM community coaching day on Monday, 11/16, in Grass Lake. One member of the Lighthouse team and myself should be attending. I will only stay until noon to be back in time for the afternoon ALICE/lockdown drill. We will take one idea to share and hopefully come back with a few new ideas.

The posters and banners looked great for conferences. Remember if you have a great quote for LIM, let Sue L. know and she can share with her committee.

Happy Birthday

November has a few birthdays to celebrate.

11/4-Sarah Z

11/15-Jeff W.

11/19-Ellen S.

11/23-Ron T.

11/25-Karin V

11/27-Suzanne B.

Report card training/support

Tuesday, Nov. 17th, 10:45am-3pm

Klager Computer Lab

Tina will meet with classroom teachers during their planning period to review the report card, how to access, how to save, how to print, how to share, and how to work on from home. The Powerschool report card will be ready the second trimester and there will be training when it comes on line.

We are still working on the best way to share out attendance.

School Board Meeting

Monday, Nov. 16th, 6pm

Ackerson Board Room

Board members would like to see some of the technology in action. Is anyone willing to share eSpark or another great idea at the January 2016 meeting?

Staff meeting

Thursday, Nov. 19th, 3:15pm

Media Center

Mike Tindall will share information about the energy audits, Jennifer Mayes will go over the RTI/MTSS facts, Charlene Mangi will share our current MTSS/RTI/SAT protocol, We will have a short cardiac response team review.

(I can not change the time to 3:20)

Karin Villarreal

Loving this newsletter format, Jennifer Mayes uses this for her weekly newsletter to families. It is so easy to use.

Ricky and I went to see the Peanuts movie this weekend, cute movie and great popcorn. We had to buy new gym shoes for Ethan, of course the shoes from the summer are far toooo small for his constantly growing man feet.