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Unlocking your Stories. Episode 2


Every time you read the stories, click on the House icon and get the last published stories.

The App geolocates you and shows the closest ones to your position. The heading of NEW STORIES appears on your screen.

The stories you get are multilingual but geo-referenced to where you are when you access the stories. It tells you how far you are from the story point.

When available in a different language than English, each story can be translated automatically by Google if you click on "translate this".

In your interactions, you can read, like, share, comment, report the story or include it in your favourite. Graphical indicators show the number of comments and like. If the story has more than 300 characters, by clicking the arrow, you can extend the text.

You see the included Media on the story on the right side up corner represented with an icon, text, photo, video or emoji.

Each media has a different icon.

When you click on the story, it opens a dialogue box for your reading and interactions.

Three dots appears on the left upper corner. These are interactive dots with different functionalities.

At the same time, the story is pinned on the MAP showing the media included. Still, this image is hidden behind the dialogue box. When you close it by hitting the X on the right upper corner, the Map appears on your screen.

It shows the PIN of the story you are reading or interacting with, zoom in and out the MAP, and see all published stories to explore.

The three dots enables different functionalities.
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