West Creek Week in Review

Oct. 10-14, 2016

Behavior Assembly

As I was looking through our Scholastic Book Fair material, I found a book, Are Pirates Polite? and decided I was going to do a different Behavior Assembly when we come back from break. The book talks about how Pirates behave in certain situations; i.e. how loud their voices are when they are indoors, saying "thank you", when they bump each other they say "excuse me", and other behaviors which fit with our expectations. I plan on having assemblies by grade levels and reading the book to the students. I will be wearing my Pirate hat of course and using a book talk activity as well. My hope is to make the Behavior Assembly different and memorable for the students and model for the teachers using literature to teach students concepts.


Thank you for the update on the training's our staff has been attending. Teachers have been showing me what they have learned, but knowing the information first hand from our curriculum department and what I should look for as I walk through classrooms was much more beneficial. I will also be able to make an informed decision about purchasing materials they are asking for at this point.

Diligent Staff Members

West Creek has several teachers who have wanted to make changes in their room environment or move their rooms altogether; they are using this week to reassemble their rooms. Everyday someone has been on campus working, laughing, and making the quiet days more bearable. A big THANK YOU to Petr for putting up with all the request and doing it with a smile. Even Jamie Ohashi, West Creek Psychologist, came by to help our SDC class get much needed materials moved.

Catching UP

This week has been a week to catch up on paperwork and putting into place some ideas on campus which have been piling up. We now have a schedule for our Science Room ready for teachers to sign up and use the room, SST paperwork is caught up and parents have been notified of meetings, all of the new paperwork from enrollment is finished, and field trips have been finalized. We all have a sense of now we can keep moving forward.

Upcoming Events

Behavior Assemblies: Oct. 17-18

Make-up Pictures: Oct. 20

Field trip: Oct. 24

Sweet Frog: Oct. 25 from 4-8

Trunk-Car-Treat: Oct. 28 5-7pm

Red Ribbon Week: Oct. 24-28

Storybook Character Parade: Oct. 31 8:30am