The Birkenfelds TomLand Update

October 2015

Update Scattershooting

Megan and I leave tomorrow (Tuesday) to head to Kyrgyzstan for our 10-day bonding trip with our--Lord willing--soon to be daughter. As most of you know, we started the international adoption process last January and were given a referral of a 16 month old girl a few weeks ago! We are so excited to see and hold her, learn more about her medical situation, and take this next step in the process. But we're also quite anxious about having to leave our three other kids at home for 12 days including travel. It will definitely be the longest we've ever been gone from them. Thankfully, Brock's mom and dad will be coming to stay with the kids while we're gone. What a huge blessing that is!

As you've probably heard, there was a bombing in the capital city of Tomland on Saturday. What a sad and terrible situation. Up to 100+ Tom lives were lost with hundreds more wounded. While we feel relatively the same about our personal safety (obviously understanding the need for heightened awareness and preparedness), it's just so heartbreaking to see our country continue to fall into deeper internal conflict (not to mention so many lives lost without a relationship with our Savior). The national election is upcoming on Nov. 1 and its results will have a huge impact on the domestic situation. Please lift up this country, the leaders, the people, and that ultimately God would place His hand of protection around all and that peace could prevail. What man means for evil, may God use for good!

On the discipleship front, a couple of updates. "El," the lady I mentioned last month, recently professed faith and has started following J. Praise the Lord! While we personally are not as involved in her life as other members of our team/"club", we want to see her grow in her love and obedience of J. Brock is trying to help the "crch" utilize some reproducible discipleship methods with her as well as helping sow the Gospel into her personal network of friends and family. Please lift this up.

Please also pr** for a new disciple, "Mur", who recently moved to our city. He came to faith through some partners of ours in a different city and they passed him on to us. His situation is really rough. Doesn't have a job and in bad health. He also is really quick to get upset, very hot/cold, and thus makes discipleship with him pretty difficult. Please ask the Father to give Brock patience and empathy and for the Spirit to guide the best way to move "Mur" forward so that Father can grow him and use him as a witness in this land.

Syrian Refugees

There are more than a million Syrian refugees that have poured into Tomland over the past several years. Some of our teammates have made trips out East to bring supplies to camps there and help out with distribution and try to be salt and light in that place.

Well, in the last couple of months, our team became aware of a camp not far from us of about 150 families. While there are so many obstacles keeping this from being a logical and sustainable aspect of our CP work here, we have wanted to help out as able. There is a consistent group of people going from our city and bringing food and other supplies. The language gap limits much beyond that, but Brock went a few weeks ago and it was so eye opening to see these poor people and their current situation.

Beyond that camp, though, our hearts have been even further burdened by all the refugees trying to make their way to Europe and facing such tragic and fatal developments along the way. Megan posted a video on her Facebook the other day that details the situation.

Please join us in lifting up this ENTIRE situation. May those fleeing see the light of Christ and may Father use this situation to draw people out of their dire circumstances to Himself. And as we encounter refugees here in TomLand, may we be the hands and feet of JC.

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1. Please lift up our adoption proceedings. If all goes well, after the 10 day bonding trip, we will officially accept the referral and move forward with adopting this girl. May the Lord make it very CLEAR that she is supposed to be our daughter.

2. Please lift up "El", "Mur," and "H" by name. That each would move further along in their pursuit of JC and that the Spirit would capture each's heart with the "riches of the knowledge of Christ."

3. Join us in asking for a few "people of peace" to emerge over the next 6-9 months. People who would be gateways to groups of people open to the truths of JC. That the Spirit would have us cross their paths!

4. Please lift up Brock's mom and dad as they watch the kids for the next 12 days. I know they're super excited and will handle things fine, but with 3 kids under 6, we are asking for extra doses of grace!