Multi Subject Resources

The above link has multiple resources. By clicking on Lesson Plans you can explore different lesson plans that are already created. They also have lesson plans that are themed around holidays. If you scroll down half way through the page the lesson plan categories are on the left hand side.

This link also has a technology section. Here you can find lessons and websites that have interactive lesson for the students. It also has some good articles about using technology in the classroom.

The above link provides media material to support the subjects that are being taught in the classroom. You can search by grade level and subject. If you register for the site you can also save and share videos with other teachers. (it's free)
The above link has lesson plans and projects. Some of the items are free for teachers to use.
The above link has multiple lesson plans on different subjects with art incorporated into the lesson.
The above link has lesson plans for many different subjects. It includes PDFs of each lesson and readings that accompany the lessons.
The above link has many different resources. There are daily Ideas which include what's trending. There is and interactive globe that the students can use on the Smartboard to learn about the world. The teacher resource section has lesson plans for many different subjects. Each section is broken into a grade band with ideas, activities, and lessons. There is also a section under teaching resources for games and units. Finally there is a section that has multiple different maps that the students can use either on paper or on the board.
The above link has some resources from Apple for education including a list for aps by grade.
The above link has information that is separated into different categories. I don't necessarily provide lesson plans however has some supplemental information that can be useful for when planning.
The above link is another good resource for lesson plans, and their free. This site has a search option and you can filter by grade level. There is also a teacher resource section that includes information on utilizing technology in the classroom.
Learn Zillion is a different website. It includes resources for both math and ELA. The lesson however are presented electronically. These lesson can be used to support students who are struggling in certain areas. Teachers can assign students lesson to complete.
The above link for NYC Department of Education includes lessons for each subject hat are aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
This is another site that includes multiple lesson plans divided by grade level. It's free but you must register to be able to see the lesson plans.
Although History in Your Pocket seems like a website that would be geared towards just social studies it isn't. This site has different subject area all connect by one thing, coins. You can search by grade, subject, coin, etc. There is a break down of each of the Coin Programs and there are also unit lesson plans to choose from. For the older students, the financial literacy link is a great way to talk about math and life skills.
Awesome Library has multiple resources from books, and lesson plans to lists and papers.
Common Sense Education, specifically Common Sense Media, focuses on teaching students about media and how to use it safely.
Gooru is not your typical lesson plan site. This site allows you to create your own visual lessons, assessments, and presentations and then have the students complete them to monitor their progress. There are some lessons that you can pull from other teachers.
Discovery education provides lesson plans in different subject areas, teacher resources, professional development, and links to outside resources. offers multiple different supplemental information for students grade K-5 and 6-8. Included is information in all academic subjects and information on online safety and jobs. Students are able to play educational games and there are also videos that can supplement what is being taught in the classroom. In the teacher area there are lesson plans related to each area and activities and worksheets.