Roald Dahl

Roald's life story

Who was Roald Dahl?

Have you ever read or seen James and The Giant Peach or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Well, those books, which were later made into movies, were written by a man named Roald Dahl. Roald was a famous author who was born in 1916. He wrote many famous books and alot of movies were based on his books. He was very successful and his work was outstanding. Most of his books were based off of his life stories and the fairy tales his mom told to him. His books always had a unique ending. Some of his books are said to be a little bit creepy.
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Early life

Roald Dahl was born September 13, 1916 in Llandaff England. He had five siblings and lived with his parents. A few years after he was born, they moved to Radyr, Wales. He began his schooling in Radyr at the Weston-Super-Mare. Ronald was a very troublesome kid who played pranks and made bad decisions. This caused him to be expelled from school and sent to several boarding schools in England. He later wrote a book about this particular experience. It was called Matilda. Although Roald never excelled in school, his mother enrolled him into a college in Cambridge, Roald refused to go. Instead, he went to a worse college called Repton. After his education, he got his first job at Shell Oil. In 1948, he published his first book, Gremlins. This was the start of his writing career. In 1950 he met his future spouse, Patricia Neal. Three years later they got married and had five kids together. Before Roald Dahl became an author, he joined the Air Force. He only had the job for a couple years, until he crashed his biplane in Lybia and almost died. he then quit the Air Force and became an author.

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Later Life

As Roald Dahl began his career as an author, he wrote many books that are still read today. For example, he wrote Matilda, James and the Giant Peach, The BFG, The Witches, etc. Unfortunately, in 1962, one of his daughters died and his four month year old was hit by a taxi cab. It was a tragedy for him and his family. But this didn't stop him from continuing his career. Roald ended up writing 30 books in total. However, in 1983 he divorced with his wife. Through all of these unfortunate events, Roald Dahl wrote a book called God cried, which showed how Roald overcame all of the tragedies through god. Seven years after that, he sadly died at 74 years of age. Roald Dahl's books became so popular and read through the world, that there began to be movies and plays based on his books. Many other authors were inspired by his work. Him and he books will always be remembered.