Penrith farms

Penrith Farms Organic Gardening Program

Learning Program For Young Adults

The goal of the Penrith Farms Organic Gardening Program is not only to give students a basic understanding of organic gardening practices, but also to help each student develop a stronger work ethic and communication skills through daily participation in the gardening process. This process challenges students physically and mentally as they expand their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Daily maintenance of the garden includes such physical tasks as planting, cultivation, harvesting, composting, fence building, and the many other tasks associated with farm life. Students gain confidence as they are encouraged to creatively solve the many problems presented by small scale organic gardening. In addition, a strong emphasis is placed upon working together, communicating with each other and completing daily tasks.This dynamic process is overseen by Alicia Best.

Penrith Farms is a co-ed experiential learning program for young adults, 18 and over, that need instruction and guidance in their lives. We provide complete wrap-around services in a dynamic setting where students will learn the virtues of Compassion, Diligence, Honesty, and Humility. At Penrith Farms, young adults are free to explore their passions and the directions life can take them in a safe environment where mistakes are expected and accepted. We operate on a discovery model where students choose from a series of activities and make their own daily schedules.

Our staff will guide young adults towards goals and obligations they have established for themselves. In the end, our mission is to provide a challenging and meaningful environment where young adults learn about positive work ethic and the necessity of fulfilling obligations. We provide a home like atmosphere where early adult transition can transpire, virtues can be learned, and individuality can blossom. The emotional growth a young adult experiences at Penrith Farms is foundational, and prepares them for the rest of their lives. Penrith Farms will truly be, a life changing experience.