New Pathways Bristol hypnotherapy


Hypnosis for change

I believe that everyone knows what is BEST for THEMSELVES, that my job is to help people make POSITIVE changes to move towards THEIR goals. Hypnotherapy will help you access your most powerful inner resources, so that you can make the CHANGES you want. Here are just some of the conditions Hypnotherapy is perfect for:
* Smoking Cessation
* Addictions
* Self esteem, motivation, confidence building
* Anxiety and panic
* Fears and phobias
* Sleep disorders such as insomnia
* HypnoBirthing & Fertility
* General Pain management: including chronic pain.
* Relationship issues
* Concentration, academic performance, and sports performance.

If you would like to contact me to book a free consultation and we can discuss how to move forward please do so on either:

07553 969626


Therapy room is located at Hamilton house on stokes croft

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If you book together you can receive therapy at half the usual price.