By: Ryan Knight

Be in support of the Democratic-Republicans

We are the Democratic-Republicans, and we would love your support. We didn't believe that the nation should create the assumption of state debts until the capital was moved. Our two leaders Thomas Jefferson and James Madison are two extremely wise men who want two shape this country into a strong independent one.

We want to help our constitution!

We think that the constitution should be interpreted strictly. We believe that the congress should have the right to create a national bank for our country. We want America to become a stronger nation, and that starts with our government.

The leaders of the Democratic-Republic

If we believe it, then we will achieve it!

What we believe in.

Our goal is to extend the power of the central government and to balance the federal with the state. We also are in support of the French overthrowing the king. They are fighting for what they think is right, and so do we. We think that the Federalist should not violate the constitution and allow us to use the freedom of press, so we can make our newspapers. We will make sure to stand up for what we believe in, and like our motto says",If we believe it, then we will achieve it!"

Assuming the states debt.

At first we did not believe in the assumption of the states debts until the capital was moved up to present day Washington D.C. When it was moved we agreed to agree on the states debts.

The Creation of a National Bank

We think that our congress should have the right to create a national bank. Our country needs something to make us become powerful and if we can create a National Bank we might be able to be extremely powerful.

The French Revolution

Just a few years ago our country was in a revolution of it's own. We are in support of the french, and we believe that they should overthrow their King. If a person is being unjust then he should be rebelled against. That is exactly what the french are doing

Power of the national government

The power of the national government has been an extreme topic. We believe there should be some power, but not to much to were our country is all about the national government.

Opposing the Sedition Acts

The Sedition Acts were created to keep us quiet, well we oppose to that. We think that they are a violation to the constitution. The constitution clearly states that we have the freedom of the press, so we are allowed to make newspapers with what we believe on them.

The War of 1812

The war of 1812 is something our country has decided to start. We disagree with the unfair treatment that Great Britain has given us, so we decided to fight back and tell them how we think we should be treated. We may be a young country but we still need some respect