Cinnamon Teal Duck

Colored like cinnamon, taste like duck.


The male and the female ducks are similar, since they are the same type of ducks. They have a cinnamon-red head, neck, breast, and belly. They have luminescent green feathers, which is why they are called "Cinnamon TEAL Ducks." Their eyes are distinctively red and have a black bill and yellow legs. The average length of a male duck is higher than a female, but the average weight is lower, just barely.

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Most of the cinnamon teal ducks breed in the west of the U.S. They enjoy small, shallow wetlands surrounded by cover. The nest are often in the grassy area and it is common for them to breed on islands. On average, they lay from 8-10 eggs.
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Almost all of the ducks migrate to Mexico and the Central America. The Great Salt Lake marshes are an import stage for the ducks in migrating. They are usually seen in the Midwest and the eastern U.S, Flocking with with the "Blue-Winged Teal Duck."

Eating Habits

These ducks usually eat underwater plants in shallow water, like: rush seeds, pondweed seeds, and leaves and salt grass seeds. They also feel on insects.

Migrating With Blue-Winged Teal

The Cinnamon Teal Duck is known to migrate with the Blue-Winged Teal Duck. The female and immature Cinnamon Teal look very close to the Blue-Winged Teal, they are very difficult to tell apart. They have similar features like their bill color and sometimes similar colored feathers. This is a Blue-Winged Teal Duck.

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