Longhorns Traditions

Dylan Tillotson


It's one of the best-known stories on the UT campus. During a late night visit to Austin, a group of Texas Aggie pranksters branded the University's first longhorn mascot 3-0, the score of a football game won by Texas A&M. In order to save face, UT students altered the brand to read Bevo by changing the "13" to a "B," the "-" to an "E," and inserting a "V" between the dash and the 0. For years, Aggies have proudly touted the stunt as the reason the steer acquired his name. But was the brand really changed? And is that why he's called Bevo?

Hook 'em, Horns

Created in 1955 by head cheerleader Harley Clark Jr., the hook 'em, horns hand sign is recognized worldwide as the symbol of the Texas Longhorns. So now when ever you see someone with the pointer finger and pinkie finger up you know that they are Texas Longhorns fans! Its a great sight when the entire stands have there hands up doing the same thing! So go put your hands up and keep the tradition going!

Star Spangle Banner

The flag is ran on the field prior to home football games, bowl games, and other sporting events. It is also dropped from the President's Balcony during pep rallies. It is owned by the UT Alpha Rho chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Its a big thing here at Texas because we are all Texans and we love America. So having the biggest flag is a good thing for us!
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