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We shouldn't have these uniforms...

The first and foremost reason that we shouldn't have these uniforms is that they're not even our school colors! If the school-board didn't even think this through well enough to decide upon uniforms that would be applicable to our school, did they really think this decision all the way through?

As children grow, they begin creating their own sense of self through the clothes they wear. When uniforms are enforced in schools from a young age, children can lose their sense of individuality.

Uniforms make students unhappy. You feel better when you're wearing things that you like and that make you comfortable, uniforms cannot provide this. This is a crucial point. Happiness should be what parents and school administrators want for the children they're supposed to care for before anything else.

Uniforms are an expansive burden that many families cannot afford. These families may already struggle to buy regular clothes for their children without having to get uniforms as well. As their children grow, they will have to continue to replenish two wardrobes for them (one of uniforms and one of clothes to wear outside of school.) For families that rely on hand-me-downs or thrift stores, getting uniforms may be extremely burdensome and completely unnecessary.

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