Vol. 1 No. 10 ~ Feb. 21, 2014

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  • Dee 4th Grade: Utah Habitats
  • Gramercy 5th Grade: Geologic Processes
  • NoodleTools at OHS and BLHS

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Dee 4th Graders Delve Into Utah's Habitats

To discover animals, plants, climate, and other aspects of Utah's various habitats, 4th graders in Ann Roberts' and Lyndee Bent's classes at Dee Elementary worked with the District Teacher Librarians. Using classroom technology, the students took notes on their research and created information brochures, maps, and pictures about the deserts, forests, and wetlands of Utah.

Discovering National Park Geology with Gramercy 5th Graders

Gramercy 5th graders looked at geology through the lens of U.S. National Parks to learn about volcanoes and earthquakes. Students from Stacie Morris' and Mary Jones' classes researched and identified examples of various geologic processes in assigned parks using books and online resources. They researched and took notes with the DTLs, culminating with student-created information brochures and pictures about the park's history, interesting features, and various examples of the parks' geologic formations.

High School Students Explore NoodleTools

Students in various classes (Language Arts, International Baccalaureate, etc.) at Ben Lomond High and Ogden High were introduced to Noodle Tools on Pioneer Library by the District Teacher Librarians. Students began using the citation tools and online note cards to organize information for papers and other research projects. They collaborated with partners on their projects and peer reviewed other groups' projects. Teachers were also able to review all projects and note cards at anytime, anywhere.

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