The DeLaPaz Dazzler

February 5, 2016

Weekly Updates

This week we had three guest lessons this week. First we had Miss Malinger and Mrs. Sheahan teach us about mystery number. This is preparation for a mystery skype opportunity. We also had Mrs. Dixon here to do a science living lesson and a math lesson. She is teaching lessons in hopes to be a classroom teacher someday!

In writing we are writing an expository essay using the topic of Valentine's Day. The students really seem to like writing this essay.

If you read this newsletter please email for your child to get a PAW on Monday!

Box Top!

Our next deadline is approaching!

The class from each grade level

who clips the most will get an


with the best PE teachers around!

A few reminders:

  • This Box Tops sheet is for single box tops only
  • All Bonus Box Tops (worth more than one), Catalina register receipts, Campbell's Soup Labels and Tyson points can be sent to school in a Ziploc baggie.

Let's keep clipping, Conley!

Valentine Party February 11th.

Don't forget to send in your supplies. Thank you so much for signing up. It will be a great party!

Valentine Party Supplies

Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

February 11th- Valentine Party

February 12th- No school

February 15th- No School

Feb. 26th- Six Flags Due


We are not half way through the year. Our goal is to reach division by May. Some students have met this goal or are on the right track. To be on the right track they should be close to finishing subtraction.I sent home the report about your child this week. Please really encourage them to keep working! Remember there will be a Floating to Fourth grade party for those kids that reached their goal!
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Art Class

In art class we just finished our project.

We just learned how to draw a gitar.

We are learning about this guy and his

paintings but I have no idea what his name is.

It is going to be a really good picture. By Anna


all about Music

During music this week we are makeing a little show on a song called traffic jam. This is how it goes.

Beep beep beep goes the horn on my dads car.

and and and we’re not going very far.

gee gee gee how I wish we didn’t land in the middle of the freeway in a traffic jam.

We added recorders to this song and we played on the beep beep beep and the and and and then we played on gee gee gee and traffic jam. this is how it looks. The ones in capital are the letters we played instead of the words.

B,B,B goes the horn on my dads car.

A,A,A we’re not going very far.

G,G,G how I wish we didn’t land in the middle of the freeway in a B,A,G.

Then we added the boom wackers and the glongingfeil and put it all together. Then Mrs.Crowe recorded it and let us watch it. Mrs.Crowe told us the mistake she did on the piano and then we told her our mistakes.

That was how music went.


Myesha Rafi


In pe we played holahut.It helps practice under hand and over hand.I like to throw balls around.I am very good at Caleb



In reading this week we been reading A Symphony of Whales. In a symphony of whales a girl named Glashka found a pack of whales and the whole village and an ice breaker who tried to save them and they did.



Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

Delapaz math

In math we are working on geometry, we learned about fractions and number stories. We learned about shapes, angles, what concave means, and what convex means. We like math but some people don’t really agree.

By: Madelyn Stien

Math- Mrs. Busky

In math this past week we were learning about drawing angles and how to draw them with a full circle protracter and a half circle protracter. On Monday and Tuesday we used the full circle protracter and learned how to measure the angle their degree and draw them. On Wednesday and Thursday we used the half circle and drew angles and measured them. This week was so fun! By Ashley

Social Studies

Sociel studys

In sociel studys this week we were learning about the states. We to a reagin test and a compass rose test and we had to fill it all in.We are goong to have a southeast reagon test on monday and it will be hard for some people and easy for others.In sociel studys on Thursday we learned what is alive and what is not and we had a quiz on amphibmions.I love the states song and it would be fun if the fifty state quiz wasn’t where you had to know where the states were and I wish it was were you had to list the names of all the states in any order.

By Aidan Scott Larson.



This week 2-1 2-5 in writing we started to write a essay about candy one candy was chocolate hearts that one we did with Mrs. Delapaz then we wrote one without Mrs. Delapaz helping then we typed it on a google doc we typed both paragraps in the google doc. that was one thing we did in writing

By.Ivie Aschenbrenner