February 2021

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Calendar Information...

Tentative February Events:

February 1:

  • Blue Group Week starting with B-Day (From February 2 to February 5).
  • Character Education Theme for February: Citizenship.
  • Equity Focus for February: Celebration of Black History Month.

February 3:

  • Faculty Meeting at 2:20 p.m. in the Atrium.

February 5:

  • Report Cards available on Genesis after 2 p.m.

February 8:

  • Gold Group Week starting with B-Day (From February 8 to February 12).

February 15:

  • President's Day.
  • School Closed for Students and Staff.

February 16:

  • Blue Group Week starting with A-Day (From February 16 to February 19).
  • I&RS Team Meeting.

February 17:

  • PLC Meeting.

February 22:

  • Gold Group Week starting with A-Day (From February 22 to February 26).
  • ScIP Meeting in the Media Center at 2:20 p.m.

February 24:

  • Parent Presentation at 7 p.m.: "Supporting Stress, Excessive Worry and Mental Health During COVID 19 for Parents and Caregivers." This presentation focuses on ways parents and caregivers can support their children with stress, excessive worry, and mental health during COVID-19. Participants will leave this presentation with strategies that they can utilize at home to help promote positive mental health and emotional growth.

Blue and Gold Days for the Month of February

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Report Cards--February 5

Report Cards after 2 p.m. in Genesis on February 5. To view your child’s report card, simply log in to Genesis (https://parents.genesisedu.com/florence) and click on the “Grading” tab at the top of the window.

Also, please feel free to log in to Genesis at any time to see how your child is progressing in his or her courses. Checking Genesis frequently will enable you to see clearly how your child is performing throughout the school year.

If you are having trouble logging in or need your email and password reset, please contact your child’s counselor as soon as possible.

Student of the Month -- Special Recognition

Special RecognitionThe Bordentown Lodge No. 2085 B.P.O. Elks has a program whereby, once a month, they recognize and reward a FTMHS “Student of the Month.” This student must be a senior. It is our pleasure to recognize Ryan Garcia as our Elks’ Student of the Month for December. Ryan is a hardworking individual who was selected because of his strong character and academic and extracurricular achievements.

Congratulations Ryan!

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Character Education Program--"Word of the Month" for January was "Self-Discipline."

Our students have been doing a wonderful job personifying the character education trait of "Self-Discipline." Here are our Students of the Month for the month of January!

The following students were chosen by our faculty for the way they personified this character trait:

Matthew Adkins, Daniel Applegate, Sezer Ates, Julian Avila, Jordan Blackman, Taylor Bridges, Valentina Chapa-Sosa, Matthew Conti, Lana Duke, Emily Habeck, Jumaris Hernandez, Rajveer Kaur, Mikayla Maschke, Marcus McIntyre, Geovana Mitchell, Julia Najem, Regan Neal, Ronal Rodas, Johnathan Russell, Allison Slotkin, Stacey Tompkins, Andrew Ulisse and Andrew Wirth.

Congratulations to these students for doing such a great job!

Chosen to Receive Special Recognition!

Self-Discipline -- Character Education (January)

Thanks to our Parents Organization -- Valentina Chapa-Sosa, Lana Duke, Andrew Ulisse and Andrew Wirth were chosen to receive $10 WaWa gift cards for doing such an excellent job!

  • Valentina Chapa-Sosa -- "Valentina has been great in class and has completed all her work and gone above and beyond in class."

  • (Nominated by: Mr. Breen)

  • Lana Duke—"Lana is hardworking and a dedicated student that excels."

  • (Nominated by: Mrs. Triglia)

  • Andrew Ulisse -- "Andrew sets goals for himself, maintains a positive attitude and stays motivated and focused on the goals set forth."

  • (Nominated by: Mrs. Pereda)

  • Andrew Wirth -- "Andrew always gets his work done on time, he never lets his frustrations get to him and he is very organized!"

  • (Nominated by: Ms. Paiva)

  • "Looking Back at 2020" and "Hopes for 2021" --Check out what some of our high school seniors have to say...

    A Look Back at 2020 and Hopes for 2021

    FTMHS Debate Team Competes in the South Jersey Debate League

    Academic Achievement Program

    This is a wonderful program! We will once again be challenging our students to settle for nothing less than their best. We want to see our students succeed, and we will be communicating to them that we want them to set their sights on earning a GPA of at least a 3.0 (or a “B” average) with no “D” or “F” grades in any course for each marking period of the school year. Please join us in challenging your child to be content with nothing less than his or her best effort!

    Students who earned at least a 3.0 (with no “D’s” or “F’s”) will be recognized at the end of the second marking period.

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    Members of the FHS Interact Club, Student Council and National Honor Society partnered with the Florence United Methodist Church to make 84 bagged lunches for residents of the Duffy School Apartments and Roebling Arms for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

    Students donated individually bagged snacks, water and fruit prior to the event. Students then helped to prepare sandwiches. Bags of non-perishable groceries were packed for the Duffy residents.

    Students who could not attend in person created a card to be included in each lunch bag.

    "Cards for Madison"

    Please create a card with some words of encouragement for "Madison."

    Cards can be dropped off at the High School Main Office by Monday, February 8.

    The Student Council and the Interact Club are also selling bracelets to benefit the Luyber family. Support Team Madison by purchasing a bracelet for $3.00. You can place an order for a bracelet using this link:


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    Health Information:

    Due to the recent rise in numbers of COVID-19 cases in our area, it is more important than ever for you or your child to remember to complete the daily COVID screening checklist EVERY morning before coming into school and STAY HOME if they are sick.

    This is one of our best practices when it comes to preventing the spread of infection within our school/community. As a school, we have been doing a great job at completing the form. However, now is not the time for complacency.

    If you have any questions about the form, please do not hesitate to contact me at, (609) 499-4620, x4212 or via email at aemery@florence.k12.nj.us. Stay safe Florence!

    Where can I find a list of public testing locations?

    How can I access free COVID-19 testing or treatment?

    Last Updated: 01/22/2021

    Free COVID-19 testing is available at many locations across the state.

    Below, you can find a list of free public testing locations in New Jersey by county, including short-term pop-up testing sites.

    You can search New Jersey's 400+ permanent testing locations, both public and private, using the test site finder tool here.

    In addition, free COVID-19 testing and treatment is available at Community Health Centers, also known as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), is available to all people whether you have health insurance or not and regardless of your immigration status Find an FQHC near you with this search tool, through 211 online, or by directly calling 2-1-1 (support is available in English and Spanish).

    Individuals with urgent symptoms may also continue to access services at acute care hospitals. The COVID-19 testing cost will be waived for uninsured individuals eligible for charity care. Information on the Charity Care Program can be found at: https://www.nj.gov/health/charitycare. You should talk to a medical provider before going to your local hospital.

    Free Public Testing Locations by County

    This list may not include all free testing sites. Please note that hours and restrictions at these testing sites may change on short notice.

    School Nurse: Mrs. Emery

    VACCINE INFORMATION--see bulletin below:

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    Wreath Contest Winners

    The Interact Club along with the Newspaper Club, The Sentinel, sponsored a Wreath Contest for Clubs, Classes and Departments. Here are the winning wreaths:

    First Prize: The Math Department

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    Second Prize: National Honor Society

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    Ornament Contest Winners

    Winner: Mrs. Alison Emery

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    First Runner Up: Mrs. Laurel Mallon

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    Second Runner Up: Mr. Bobby Lee

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    Congratulations Again To This Year's WINNERS!

    ...and we would like to THANK EVERYONE who participated in this activity.
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    Equity Focus for January: Individuals With Disabilities

    Here are some of our classroom activities:

    English Department--Mrs. Hughes

    Mrs. Hughes' English class is planning to cover the T-4 program as part of the Holocaust discussion as they read the memoir, Night, this month.

    English Department--Mrs. Petosa

    We can have a classroom dialogue in which we discuss different types of disabilities that we may not know much about or that may be commonly misunderstood or misinterpreted.

    We can discuss how disabilities do not define those who may have them and discuss how we can be more accepting of all people regardless of whether the disability is visible or not.

    Health Department--Mrs. Smith

    All my Health Classes have been working on Mental Health and the importance of never judging anyone because of their disability.

    I have shared many power points, clips and discussions with the students. We have focused on not using mental health terms in the hallways-- Example: "Don't be so OCD." If someone actually has the Mental Illness OCD, they could really hurt someone's feelings or strike a nerve!

    Music Department--Mrs. Croley

    Concert Choir did a Musician Focus on Ray Charles, a soul musician who contracted glaucoma at the age of 6 which led to his loss of sight.
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    Concert Band & Orchestra did a Musician Focus on Itzhak Perlman, a classical violinist who was stricken with polio at the age of 4 and has permanent paralysis of both legs.
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    Science Department--Ms. Levine

    We will be participating in a lesson created by No Place For Hate that highlights the achievements of individuals with disabilities.

    Science Department--Ms. Davis

    "Individuals with Disabilities"

    We had a class discussion about how my students with disabilities felt about being labeled and how society "looks" at them.

    My students retorted that they would like to no longer be in a class for students with disabilities because they would like to "feel normal."

    Science Department--Ms. Paiva

    Our class learned that disabilities can affect people differently. We learned what a spectrum is and why some individuals may have some characteristics of a disability while others may not.

    Most importantly, we learned that having a disability does not make anyone lesser than anyone else - it just makes you who you are and the rest is up to you.

    Theater Department--Mr. Donovan

    In my theater classes, we did profiles on two theater professionals with disabilities:

    Jim Lebrecht

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    Jim Lebrecht is an award-winning sound designer for theatre, as well as a filmmaker, who recently co-directed the acclaimed Netflix documentary "Crip Camp."

    Ali Stroker

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    Ali Stroker became the first actor in history who uses a wheelchair to be on Broadway in the 2015 production of Spring Awakening. She then went on to become the first such actor to win a Tony, which she earned for her portrayal of Ado Annie in the 2018 revival of Oklahoma.

    She has been using her platform to advocate for more accessibility, both front of house and backstage, for disabled patrons and artists.

    Acting Antics

    We also spoke to two teaching artists from the organization ACTING ANTICS, which offers unique opportunities for children, teens, and adults who have difficulty with social skills or a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. They specialize in using THEATER to encourage social skills and communication growth.
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    Supporting Stress, Excessive Worry and Mental Health During COVID 19 for Parents and Caregivers for Florence

    February 24 at 7 p.m.

    This presentation focuses on ways parents and caregivers can support their children with stress, excessive worry, and mental health during COVID-19. Participants will leave this presentation with strategies that they can utilize at home to help promote positive mental health and emotional growth.

    Meeting Link Information


    Meeting ID: 375 251 7776
    Passcode: ESS

    Addressing Virtual School Stress and Its Impact on Learning for Parents and Caregivers

    March 24 at 7 p.m.
    This presentation will discuss the challenges of virtual learning from a mental health lens, exploring the concept of virtual learning anxiety and its effects on executive functioning. We will explore strategies that parents and caregivers can employ to provide children with the structure and support needed to reduce stress and enhance access to executive functioning skills. Participants will leave with an understanding of how mental health impacts learning, as well as steps they can take to improve their child’s school performance.

    Meeting Link Information


    Meeting ID: 375 251 7776
    Passcode: ESS

    Genesis Parent Portal (http://bit.ly/2hqH935)

    Please use this resource to complete/update/sign-off on important electronic forms. Afterwards, please use this extremely valuable tool to monitor your child's grades, assignments and attendance.
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    Mr. Breen's Classroom...

    Ballroom Class

    Ballroom Dance has been working on the Tango and learning about the history and the meaning of the movement.

    Dance Class

    Dance Class has been working on Ballet vocabulary and the 5 feet and arm positions.

    Both classes have been doing a great job with virtual dancing!

    Mrs. Croley's Classroom...

    The Concert Choir and Concert Band & Orchestra classes took advantage of the district's momentary switch to complete remote instruction and were able to sing and play for the first time this school year.

    Both groups learned their daily warm-ups and reviewed proper performance posture and technique while singing/playing in the safety of their own homes.

    Ms. Davis' Classroom...

    Biology Class

    The discussion of "Individuals with Disabilities" led to how society views people who are different such as African Americans.

    As an assignment, the students were to view the 17- minute "I Have A Dream" speech and respond to a journal prompt.


    Mr. Donvan's Classroom...


    We are finishing out the semester with Character Analysis and monologue performances.


    Students are collaborating in groups on a culminating final project where they each assume the roles of producer, director, technical director, and marketing director, creating a brand new theater company from the ground up, and pitching it to Mr. Donovan for a $100,000 start-up! :-)

    Mr. DuBrul's Classroom:

    My Ecology class was able to learn about the paw paw tree and see examples growing at my house virtually on their computers.

    This is the largest native American fruit and it's also a tropical fruit.

    Mr. Hoffman's Classroom:

    For Spanish I, we are learning the school subjects, plural forms of the definite and indefinite articles and how to tell time.

    Exploring Spanish is still working on definite and indefinite articles.

    Mrs. Hughes' Classroom:

    I am holding a talent contest in all of my classes. Students' submissions are not due until the end of MP three, but I already have two submissions. Tanisha Khabe created a video singing a Raag Yaman that she composed herself. Tanisha is also a member of our JV debate team. Ben Popso also submitted a video.

    Ms. Levine's Classroom:

    In the Earth and Space Science classes, we are becoming geologists and learning to identify minerals.

    We are researching our favorite crystals and minerals and learning to identify compounds and elements...Here we come, Mrs. Triglia, the freshmen are ready for Chemistry class!

    Mrs. Petosa's Classroom:

    In Honors English I, we just finished Tolkien’s “The Hobbit” and students completed a project in which they followed Bilbo the Hobbit through the Mono-myth/Hero’s Journey of Joseph Campbell in the novel.

    Students completed a GoogleSlides “map” project in which they identified how and when Bilbo experienced each phase of the Hero’s Journey.

    Mrs. Smith's Classroom:

    My Health classes have been learning a great deal about "social/emotional health."

    We have been learning:

    • how to be good listeners;
    • how to communicate;
    • how to be respectful of everyone and
    • how to be kind.

    The quote that I like to share with my classes is, "It is important to always give back more than what you take from this world."

    We will be tackling many mental illnesses and how they truly can affect you and everyone around you. This topic is close and dear to my heart, so this subject matter is always done with the utmost care and respect.

    Mrs. Triglia's Classroom:

    In Chemistry, my Period 5 Gold students Logan Trayner, Rhiannon Miller, Bridget Lloyd, and, Yamilka Lazu Delgado performed a demonstration on how low-boiling alcohols vaporize readily. Alcohol was placed in a 5-gallon, small-mouthed jug, and formed a volatile mixture with the air. A match held by the mouth of the jug provided the activation energy needed for the combustion of the alcohol/air mixture.
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    After School Clubs for the 2020-2021 School Year:

    Black and Latinx Student Union

    Class of 2021

    Class of 2022

    Class of 2023

    Class of 2024

    Computer Science Club

    Cultural Awareness for Everyone

    Debate Team

    Environmental Club

    Game Club


    Marching Band Director

    Marching Band--Front Line

    National Honor Society

    Newspaper Club

    No Place for Hate

    Science League Competitions

    Student Council


    Black and Latinx Student Union

    The BLSU has been heavily involved in the "Toiletries for the Homeless" project from the beginning of the school year. Our meetings have been productive and enlightening given the turbulence of the times.

    BLSU students have also had the opportunity to attend virtual College Fairs and Financial Aid Workshops.

    I am trying to line up more guest speakers for February.

    Advisor: Mr. McEnnis

    Class of 2021 (SENIORS)

    Big picture

    Class of 2021 Officers

    President: Nadja Savage

    Vice President: Julia Najem

    Secretary: Allison Slotkin

    Treasurer: Fabiha Usha

    Historian: Mohammed Islam

    Advisors: Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Zucchero

    Community Service Project:

    The charity drive collecting PPE supplies for our district to help deal with COVID-19 is now finished, and it was nice for the class members to help out.

    Senior Class Trip Update

    The advisors met with members of the Alternative Senior Class Trip Committee to brainstorm new ideas for the Seniors to experience. The trip options that we will look more closely at will depend on the COVID situation in April/May/June and what we can and cannot do. We look forward to more meetings and are excited and hopeful about the ideas that we've had so far. Stay tuned for more information!

    Spring Class Project

    Class advisors and officers are working on ideas for a Spring Project. More information will follow.

    Jr./Sr. Prom

    The Junior and Senior classes are going to be working together to sponsor this year's prom.

    Advisors: Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Zucchero

    Class of 2022 (JUNIORS)

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    Class of 2022

    President: Lana Duke

    Vice President: Chinenye Nwagbaraji

    Treasurer: Alyssa Baldorossi

    Secretary: Cassaundra Alicea

    Historian: Samara Lakhan

    Advisors: Mrs. L. Pereda and Mr. C. Pereda

    We are planning to run another drive for the Spring. If you have any suggestions, please send them to Mr. Pereda or Mrs. Pereda.

    Please continue to check our Google Classroom to stay up-to-date on upcoming drives.

    Advisors: Mrs. Pereda and Mr. Pereda

    Class of 2023 (SOPHOMORES)

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    Class of 2023 Officers

    President: Mya Cabanas Montero

    Vice President: Abigail Anthony
    Secretary: Maiyah McDuffie
    Treasurer: Kate Woolston

    Historian: Sydney Slotkin

    Advisors: Mrs. Holmstedt and Ms. Tannenbaum

    Once again the Class of 2023 shines. In spite of constant setbacks, they remain resilient and strong.

    In particular, Kate Woolston created an amazing holiday wreath honoring our healthcare workers. It was a tribute to their hard work, dedication, and commitment during these incredibly difficult times. They are an inspiration to us all, as is Kate with her talent and creativity.

    I am counting on the Class of 2023 to be kind to all and to take care of themselves and others. Please wear your masks, as it protects us all, and maintain social distancing.

    Happy 2021!

    Class Advisors: Ms. Tannenbaum and Mrs. Holmstedt

    Class of 2024 (FRESHMEN)

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    Class of 2024 Officers

    President: John Paul Dunphy

    Vice President: Darien Woody

    Secretary: Madelynn Hoch

    Treasurer: Kaycee Carnival

    Historian: Shadman Adib

    The Class of 2024 will be starting a Valentine's Day Card Campaign to benefit the residents of Brookdale Sterling House in Florence.

    The goal is to bring some kindness and good cheer to residents who may have had limited visitors during this pandemic.

    Freshman Class Officers and the Advisors will be having monthly strategy meetings.

    Advisors: Mrs. Byrne and Mr. Varga

    Computer Science Club

    We are trying to work with a few other clubs to begin a TV Station of "Announcements and Sports."

    We are hoping that we can start getting some video feeds to edit and create our first broadcast.

    Advisor: Mr. Roberson

    Cultural Awareness for Everyone Club (CAFE)

    Members of the CAFE Club finalized the logos and recipes for the digital cookbook, which will be available for distribution in February.

    Contact Ms. Diaz if you are interested in joining the club -- jdiaz@florence.k12.nj.us

    Advisor: Ms. Diaz

    Debate Team

    The Debate Team is participating in competitions within the South Jersey Debate League on Wednesday afternoons.

    Our two negative teams (varsity [Rajveer Kaur and Marcus McIntyre] and JV [Ben Popso and Declan Yasick]) both won last week.

    While there was not a tournament scheduled on January 20 due to the Presidential Inauguration, we competed on January 27.

    Advisor: Mrs. Hughes

    Environmental Club

    Co-Presidents: Mesbah Monower and Logan Trayner

    Mr. DuBrul's Environmental Club virtually visited Clayton Park in Monmouth County this month.

    Students learned about the flora and fauna.

    Advisor: Mr. DuBrul

    Game Club

    President: Gursahajpreet Singh

    Vice-President: Alexandra Witty

    Secretary: Finley Charles

    The Game Club is organizing a Game Drive to help battle the COVID19 quarantine doldrums. The purpose of the Game Club Game Drive is to bring families together through games.

    With everything that has happened this year, it is important to have something that you can do with your family and create more positive memories for the school year of 2020-2021. This is different from other toy drives because those mostly consist of toys that are usually played with by the children only. These games are fun for the entire family, examples include Monopoly, Uno, Dominos, Bingo, and so much more.

    Don't let the quarantine get you down. If you are interested in having a good time, meeting new people or hanging with some old friends then you should consider joining the Game Club.

    Meetings are on Tuesdays and start at 3:00 pm. Contact Mr. Weatherbee if you are interested. mweatherbee@florence.k12.nj.us

    Advisor: Mr. Weatherbee

    Big picture

    Interact Club

    The 2020-2021 Interact Officers are:

    President: Rajveer Kaur

    Vice President: Fabiha Usha

    Secretary: Hazal Akkaya

    Treasurer: Logan Trayner

    Sergeant at Arms: Gursahajpreet Singh

    MLK--Day of Service Project

    Members of the FHS Interact Club, Student Council and National Honor Society partnered with the Florence United Methodist Church to make 84 bagged lunches for residents of the Duffy School Apartments and Roebling Arms for Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service.

    Students donated individually bagged snacks, water and fruit prior to the event. Students then helped to prepare sandwiches. Bags of non-perishable groceries were packed for the Duffy residents. Students who could not attend in-person created a card to be included in each lunch bag.

    Chemo Comfort Bags

    Interact members are also putting together Chemo Comfort Bags which will be donated to a local hospital.

    Needed Items Include:

    blankets, chapstick, lotion, hand sanitizer, hard candy, gum, mints, and puzzle books! Items can be dropped off at the high school Main Office if you would like to donate.

    Collection of Plastic Bags Continues...

    The Interact Club is continuing to collect plastic bags. We collected over 500 pounds of plastic and received a bench from TREX which will be put together and placed in the courtyard. The program was such a success that we are currently collecting more plastic for a second bench. Please email grodan@florence.k12.nj.us to make arrangements for plastic pick up.

    Advisor: Ms. Rodan

    Big picture

    Musical Update

    Keep an eye out for the big announcement:

    Our 2021 MUSICAL...

    Coming soon!

    Director: Mr. Donovan


    Follow us on Twitter...

    National Honor Society

    President: Allison Slotkin

    Vice President: Katherine Hein

    Secretary: Krystyna Laszkowski

    Treasurer: Fabiha Usha

    Parliamentarian: Rajveer Kaur

    Historian: Matthew Adkins

    Advisors: Ms. Diaz and Mr. Weatherbee

    Day of Service

    Members of the National Honor Society joined with members of Interact and Student Council in an MLK day of service making bagged lunches for residents of Duffy Apartments and Roebling Arms.

    Food Drive--650 Cans of Food

    Over 650 cans of food were donated by members of the NHS which will be distributed to two local food pantries.

    Tutoring Center

    The NHS Tutor Center is running successfully at the high school.

    Advisors: Ms. Diaz and Mr. Weatherbee


    This past month the Newspaper Club has been preparing for our second publication. We met virtually in January and workshopped articles. You can view the latest publication at Florencesentinel.wordspress.com. Issue two has an anticipated publication date of the end of February.

    Our next meetings are planned for February 4, 11, 18, and 25--new members are always welcome. If you are interested in joining or have an article idea, please contact the advisors.

    Mr. Lamaestra jlamaestra@florence.k12.nj.us

    Mrs. Covaci: lcovaci@florence.k12.nj.us

    No Place for Hate

    No Place For Hate members are writing letters to the Masonic Assisted-living Home residents. Right now, the people are isolated due to COVID-19.

    We are also working on a lesson to teach to our school community members highlighting the achievements of individuals with disabilities...(no spoilers!!!!)

    Advisor: Ms. Levine

    Student Council

    Student Council

    President: Grace Skinner

    Vice President: Cassaundra Alicea

    Secretary: Finley Charles

    Treasurer: Breanna Ojeikere

    BOE Rep.: Gabrielle Fleming

    Historians: Mya Cabanas Montero and Michael Dunphy

    Executive Members: Maiyah McDuffie and Sarah Olatubosun

    The Student Council and the Interact Club are selling bracelets to benefit the Luyber family. Support Team Madison by purchasing a bracelet for $3.00. You can place an order for a bracelet using this link:


    The Student Council along with the Newspaper Club also sponsored a wreath decorating contest and ugly sweater day to promote holiday cheer! The winner was selected by a vote of the staff. Congratulations to the Math Department for winning the wreath contest.

    Student Council is also continuing to foster school spirit by decorating the lockers with cutouts. This month's cut out is a snowman. Students and staff have been asked to share their favorite wintertime activities.

    The group is also planning a virtual talent show and special activities for the "Week of Kindness" in February.

    Advisor: Ms. Rodan


    Senior Section, Surveys on First Virtual "Snow Day,"

    "Sum Up the Year in One Sentence

    The Yearbook Club has been gathering photos and information for our Senior Section. We have also worked on and sent out Surveys: for our first virtual “snow day” and the “Sum up the year in one sentence” survey.

    Winter Sports Section

    We are looking forward to developing a Winter Sports section.

    Proud Parent Section


    Celebrate your student with a purchase of a parent recognition ad.

    The NEW deadline for ordering a parent ad is February 11, 2021.

    See the link here or on the school website for further details and pricing.

    Ads: https://www.jostens.com/apps/jcom/router.mvc?affiliateId=1562364

    Preserve a Piece of History With a School Yearbook.

    Full-color yearbooks are currently on sale for $75.

    The link for ordering yearbooks is also on the school website.

    Yearbooks: http://jostensyearbooks.com/?REF=A01096210

    New Members

    New members are still welcome to join our staff.

    If interested in joining please contact:

    Mrs. Eckart aeckart@florence.k12.nj.us or Mrs. Covaci lcovaci@florence.k12.nj.us

    Advisors: Mrs. Eckart and Ms. Covaci

    Parent Organization News...

    The Florence Twp. Memorial High School Parent Organization (FTMHSPO) is an active parent group who meets regularly to discuss and plan ideas and events as well as support the well being of our students, staff and administration as needed.

    The FTMHSPO participates in fundraising, spirit events for the students, Prom Fashion Show, Breakfast with Santa & the Grinch, teacher grants, teacher appreciation lunches and dinners and more.

    We are always looking for new ideas and welcome ALL FTMHS parents to join! No membership fees are required! To sign up please complete the following form. For more information please contact us at ftmhspo@gmail.com.


    Gift Card Program

    The FHS Parent Organization offers a program where you can purchase gift cards from us for Shop Rite, Roebling Town Market & Acme and then a percentage goes into an account for your child to pay for class/school expenses later on! Check it out! See the flyer below.
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    Character Education: Month of February -- "Citizenship"

    Big picture

    From the desk of Mr. Lamaestra (SAC) Student Assistance Counselor...

    Character Education -- February Character Trait is Citizenship.

    Citizenship is the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do.

    The Development of GOOD CHARACTER ...

    ...is not an isolated skill to be taught in one area of a child’s life. It is an effort of home, school, and community to instill in our young people good values. The development of good character touches our personal development, it impacts our success with academic development in learning, and good character is essential in the workforce to be successful in our careers.

    Some Tips on Managing Anxiety and Enhancing Your Wellbeing During COVID:

    • Limit social media time. Try setting a timer. This may provide emotional boundaries for yourself and help manage anxiety levels. Studies indicate that spending too much time on social media can actually increase anxiety levels.

    • Eat well-balanced meals, avoid sugary snacks and drinks, minimize caffeine intake and get daily exercise (at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise daily).

    • Make sure you spend time doing things with the people in your household. There is no substitute for personal contact. If those opportunities are few in your household, schedule regular Zoom or Facetime meetings with your friends and family members.

    • Acknowledge how you feel, notice your emotions, and be gentle and compassionate to yourself. It is okay to feel ........ (i.e., anxiety, grief, sadness, anger), and you can do something to process it (i.e., journaling, mindfulness techniques, grounding techniques, etc.). You can call your school counselors as well. They’re always there to help you.

    • Set up daily check-ins with family and friends. These can be through audio-visual means or over the phone.

    • Visit a virtual Library or exhibition, attend a concert, visit a State or National Park. Explore your world! Make sure you go with family or friends to share the experience.

    • Learn something new. Hobbies are great as is learning to play an instrument. Get into a workout routine, etc. YouTube as you undoubtedly already know, is filled with videos demonstrating how to do almost whatever your interests are.

    Important Resources:

    If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed about COVID-19 and want to talk to someone, the following resources are available:

    • 2nd Floor Youth Hotline of New Jersey: 888-222-2228

    • PerformCare/Mobile Response: 877-652-7624

    • Camden County Crisis Intervention - Twin Oaks: 856-428-HELP (4357)

    • New Jersey Mental Health Warm Line (Mental Health Resources): 877-294-4357

    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

    Counseling Support Services:

    I'm available for consultation, support, counseling and referral services including:

    • Academic.

    • Family Alcohol/Drug Use.

    • Technology Dependence.

    • Anxiety and Depression.

    • Divorce.

    • Behavior Management.

    • Other Mental Health Concerns.

    Contact Information:

    Please contact Mr. Lamaestra at the high school at (609)499-4620 x 4225 or email me at jlamaestra@florence.k12.nj.us

    I'm also available for consultation, support, and referral services even during these days of virtual learning. Please contact me via email to make the appropriate arrangements.


    Student Assistance Coordinator: Mr. Lamaestra

    Counseling Office News

    The high school counselors, Mrs. Sebastian and Mr. Varga, invite you to visit the Counseling Department website which is accessible from the high school main page or by clicking here. There you will find useful information and links for academic support, mental health resources, college planning and research, post-secondary financial aid, etc.

    College Scorecard:

    This has been recently upgraded so you can compare colleges and get info on fields of study, salary after graduation, costs, debt load after graduation, etc. It provides clear, accessible, and reliable national data. collegescorecard.ed.gov

    Scholarship Hunters:

    Seniors! Check the binder in the Counseling Office for newly added scholarship opportunities. Check your email and Naviance account for frequent updates. Our Twitter feed also lists many national scholarships.

    RCBC Spring Ahead:

    This is a program that allows seniors to apply to RCBC, take assessment tests and schedule college classes with ease.

    Step 1:

    Seniors and parents are invited to view the RCBC Virtual Information Session video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VqZrI8Xc0LM&feature=youtu.be

    Step 2:

    Apply online for FREE at www.rcbc.edu/apply as a “NEW APPLICANT” before February 5, 2021 and ask your FTMHS counselor to send your official transcript. Students will receive an acceptance email which will include their RCBC Student ID number, RCBC admissions adviser and other important enrollment information.

    Step 3:

    RCBC English and math placement will be determined via prior test scores, high school courses, grades, and cumulative GPA. A chart to determine placement can be found here.

    Step 4:

    Those students who are committing to attend RCBC, and have completed all prior steps will tour the Mt. Laurel campus AND schedule classes for the fall semester on April 14, 2021.

    Senior Class College Packets:

    The packets can be found in 12th grade English Google classrooms, the Class of 2021 Google classroom, and on our counseling department website. This PDF packet contains a wealth of information about the college application process. Seniors have a few tasks to do in their Naviance Student accounts, such as requesting recommendation letters and completing the Student Brag Sheet and Scholarship Application.

    College Admissions Testing:

    The SAT and ACT have undergone significant changes due to COVID-19. Please visit their official websites for the most current information. More than 1,400 four-year colleges and universities are now test-optional for this admissions cycle in response to the effects of the pandemic. Check a particular college’s Admissions Office site for their admissions requirements and testing information before you register for a test.

    College Financial Aid Information:

    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the 2021-22 school year opened on October 1, 2020. You will need information from the parent’s and student’s 2019 tax return. Visit fafsa.gov to get started.

    If you are applying to any New Jersey schools, you can find your state financial aid information on the HESAA website in your NJFAMS account which can be found under the Students tab. https://www.hesaa.org/Pages/Default.aspx

    New Jersey Higher Education Student Assistance Authority or HESAA has valuable resources for college and career planning and financial assistance. One important ebooklet is the Student Loan Guide. Here is the link to several of their publications and ebooklets: http://www.hesaa.org/Pages/HESAAPublications.aspx

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA):

    All college-bound student-athletes should explore the NCAA eligibility qualifications early in their high school careers. Please visit the following websites for more information: www.eligibilitycenter.org and www.2point3.org

    College Cost Calculator:

    What does college really cost? Colleges are required to have a college cost calculator (aka net price calculator) available on their websites. Please check them out when researching colleges.

    Operating Virtually:

    School counselors are available through email and virtual meetings. Email is the best avenue to reach your school counselor. To schedule an appointment, students and parents may email the school counselor directly to find a mutually agreed upon date/time.

    Mr. Joseph Varga: jvarga@florence.k12.nj.us

    Mrs. Nancy Sebastian: nsebastian@florence.k12.nj.us

    Feeling Overwhelmed?

    If you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed about COVID-19 (or anything else) and want to talk to someone, the following resources are available:

    • 2nd Floor Youth Hotline of New Jersey: 888-222-2228
    • PerformCare/Mobile Response: 877-652-7624
    • Camden County Crisis Intervention - Twin Oaks: 856-428-HELP (4357)
    • New Jersey Mental Health Warm Line (Mental Health Resources): 877-294-4357
    • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255.
    • For emergencies: call 911

    Counselors: Mrs. Sebastian and Mr. Varga

    Important AP Information

    Here are two very valuable links that we encourage you to explore to learn more about the benefits of AP testing:

    Our school will be administering AP exams on the following dates this year:

    AP United States Government & PoliticsMay 3rd @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP Calculus AB – May 4th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP English Literature and Composition – May 5th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP United States HistoryMay 6th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP Chemistry – May 7th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP European History – May 7th @ 12:00 p.m.

    AP French Language and Culture – May 10th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP Spanish Language and Culture – May 11th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP English Language and Composition – May 12th @ 8:00 a.m.

    AP Microeconomics – May 12th @ 12:00 p.m.

    AP Biology – May 14th @ 8:00 a.m.

    The cost of each AP exam is $86. Checks and money orders are acceptable forms of payment. We are not permitted to accept cash. Please make your check or money order payable to “Florence Township Memorial High School.” Please drop off or have your children drop off their AP payment to Mrs. Belcher in the Main Office. If your child is in our Free and Reduced Lunch Program, then the College Board and the District will work together to cover the cost of your child’s AP exam(s). Please email Mrs. Belcher at kbelcher@florence.k12.nj.us to register your child for his/her exam in this circumstance.

    Our only second-semester AP course is Microeconomics, and we will need to know whether or not your child will be taking that test by Friday, February 26. The money needed to order the AP Microeconomics test will also be due on February 26th.

    This year, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the College Board is not going to charge us if we cancel our order for your child, provided we do so at the beginning of March. Although we strongly encourage all of our AP students to take their AP exams, we will be able to refund you for the cost of the exam as long as you cancel your order by Wednesday, March 3. In order to cancel an AP exam for your son or daughter, all that you need to do is email our AP Coordinator, Ms. Barbara Fazekas, at bfazekas@florence.k12.nj.us.

    Athletic Department--Contact Information:

    Boys and Girls Basketball

    Practices resumed: January 25

    First Competition: February 1

    Last Competition: March 6

    Volleyball and Wrestling (Co-Op w/Bordentown)

    First Practice: March 1

    First Competition: March 16

    Last Competition: April 24

    Unfortunately, with the new COVID restrictions, there will be no fans in attendance at our home winter sporting events. Florence Memorial High School understands the importance of getting to see your athlete play, so all of our Home Games will be streamed on our YouTube Channel.

    YouTube Channel: FTSD Athletics

    A link is below and updates will be sent closer to each event:


    Please contact the athletic office with any questions.

    Contact Information:

    Kyle Kaminskas, Athletic Director/Assistant Principal --Extension 4150

    Mary Ellen Cassidy, AD Secretary (609)-499-4620, Extension 4149

    Audrey Tannenbaum, Athletic Trainer--Extension 4154.

    John Cogan, Principal--Extension 4202.

    Maria E. Sadar, Vice Principal--Extension 4204.

    Also, make sure to follow us for up-to-date Athletic information on our Facebook page @FlorenceAthletics and our Twitter Account @FTSD_athletics. LET’S GO FLASHES!

    Visit the Florence Athletic Schedule Website for game dates, times, locations, and any changes due to weather.


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