The Blended Learning Classroom that Works

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The Blended Learning Classroom that Works

What happens when you mix technology with classroom instruction, robust data, a desire to keep students engaged and an increasing push to personalize learning? Voilà, blended learning.

“3 Ps and a D” for Student-centered Learning

The Christensen Institute defines blended learning as an approach to teaching and learning that leverages online resources to create a personalized learning experience over which students have meaningful control.

Accordingly, I teach my trainees to rely on the “3Ps and a D,” which are the key components of a successful blended learning strategy: Path, Pace, Place and Data. Together, these concepts can transform a classroom.

With this model, students choose their own path, work at their own pace, in their own place, and the teacher becomes a facilitator of learning by using data to ensure optimal student growth by personalizing student support. Effective blended learning teachers understand that the “3 Ps and a D” do not represent a surrendering of all instructional control, but rather function as ways for students to take ownership of their learning under the expert guidance of their teacher. Educators should focus on:

Pace, Place, Path, and Data

Student-driven learning paths: Students can pursue topics that interest them in formats that are appealing and engaging. A blended learning teacher can provide students different modules to learn objectives covered in class. Some students want to learn from the teacher in small groups, while others learn best watching a teacher made video or a game that teaches a particular skill. By providing choices students can determine how to master their learning targets. For example, while learning about fractions, the teacher can provide students choices of different learning content. The student can learn about fractions while watching a Zaption video, practice working with fractions through online games, work in

collaborative groups to create a project that uses fractions and learn from the teacher in a small group setting on how to solve different fractions.

Student-driven learning pace: Students can get a personalized experience, spending more time with challenging material and moving past concepts as they grasp them. For example, if a student masters a concept, the teacher can skip him or her along through the unit. The student will work in the area where he or she needs to learn more about a concept, rather than waste their time on a concept they already understand. If a student struggles with a concept, then the teacher can slow him down and walk him through the sections, re-teaching a concept as needed.

Student-determined place of learning: Students can take advantage of online resources at home, in a library, from a laptop computer and in the classroom where they can make use of the teacher and their peers at school.

And, the data: Teachers take the data from their students’ learning to inform their instruction moving forward to best facilitate their students’ individualized learning paths. For example, a teacher will determine if a student needs to reassess their path based on their data. If a certain path is not supporting his or her learning, the teacher will work with the student to find other paths that better support their needs.

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The Blended Learning movement is crossing the nation at a fast pace with schools and classroom implementing the model into everyday student routine. The Blended Learning Cookbook website provides the teachers a outlook of how to start to use the different ingredients of blended learning to effectively create a working blended learning classroom.

The website is set up with different learning chapters on blended learning. The teachers will explore how to use data to drive the blended learning classroom, how to integrate technology and hands on activities, as well as how to generate quality blended learning lesson plans.

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