Maple Park 6B Newsletter

December 15, 2014

Social Studies--Mrs. Barron

In Social Studies we are finishing up our Egypt unit. Students took a test on Friday, please check PowerSchool to see how they did!! They will be doing a project of their choice to wrap the unit up this week.

English Language Arts--Mrs. Swisher

This week, we have continued to work on our novel study over the book, Wringer. Many students are enjoying the book so much, that they are reading ahead and some have even finished the book! It is such a great thing! We will focus on a variety of grammar activities and higher-level questions while studying the book, and we hope to finish the novel shortly after break.

Please make sure that your child is reading at least 10-15 minutes per night, and also encourage he/she to complete her/his SSR summary at home, if they are not completing them at school.

Math--Mrs. Finger

We have been taking the i-ready test to see if you child has increased their proficiency with mathematics over the first semester. Many of my students increased by 2 grade levels, however, there are a few that went down with their scores. The administration is going to look at these score very critically. I encourage your child to do their best in my class and to complete all assignments. Please check PowerSchool, and I am sending home a progress report today. We will complete the i-ready testing and then focus on making up work this week so that your child is very successful. Thank you for all your support!


We are having a test Wednesday, December 17, over our Ecology unit. Students completed a study guide last week which they can use to study for the test. The remainder of the week we will focus on Photosynthesis. After break we will begin learning about light and sound.

First Semester Ends

Friday, Dec. 19th, 11:15am


Please TAKE NOTE that our first semester ends on December 19 which is a half day for students. Have a safe and enjoyable Winter Break! See you in 2015!