Study Tips!

Improve your memory!

Create a study environment

Studying in a quiet, calm environment will allow you to focus solely on your materials and allow you to move the information from your short term memory to your long term memory. The more "drawers" of your brain you encode the information in your brain, the easier it is for you to recall when you need it!

Practice different study strategies

Drill yourself on the information by taking practice tests or having a friend or family member quiz you. Studies find that people who are tested on material after studying have better retrieval of the information than those who are not. Use mnemonic devices to associate old information with the new information you want to memorize. A simple acronym can help you recognize the first letter of each part of a concept, allowing you to fill in the gaps using confabulation. Repetition is key to studying. Reviewing your notes (cramming) once will not encode the information to your long term memory and you may forget important concepts on your exams. Establish regular review sessions to study important information. Use more than one study strategy to increase your memory of the material.

Teach another person

Teach someone the concepts you want to remember. By verbalizing and explaining the information aloud, you are practicing rehearsal and repetition, which is helping encode the material into your long term memory.

Good Luck on your exams!

Study hard and you'll do great!