PK 3.1 Weekly Newsletter

November 13th 2015- Week 13

Hello Pk Parents,

Welcome back, I hope everyone had wonderful break! I was thrilled to see so many smiling faces coming to school, ready to learn. As you know, we started our box unit this week. Inside an empty box is endless amounts of fun... all you need is a little imagination to get started. The week started with exploring the ins and outs of boxes. I asked the kids what they knew about boxes, which inevitably brought the conversation to pizza and the boxes they come in! :) We discussed the different shapes boxes could be. We looked at different textures and materials that boxes are made of. Your kids learned about the "faces" and "corners" of a box. We talked about places you could find boxes at home, school, stores, etc. Inside our DRAMATIC CENTER, Ms. Giselle transformed it into a house including a television made from a cardboard box. She also added different boxes you can find at home (cereal, bars, and pizza). In the BLOCK CENTER we added a box car along with the tools to fix it! DISCOVERY CENTER had the different types of box such as: wood, plastic, metal, cardboard. In the library we added some books about boxes. One of our favorite stories we read was "Not a Box" by Antoinette Portis. During this story I sat inside a box acting out the activities that were shown in the book. At the ART CENTER, the kids were able to sit inside a large box and color it with markers. After we finished decorating the inside I put the boxes together making a small fort. Everyone had a chance to crawl through the fort, eventually it did break, but that didn’t stop the enjoyment. The kids practiced writing the letters that make up the word "BOX" on the white board. On Friday we went on a “box hunt” around the school looking for any and all boxes. Before we left I took votes on how many boxes they thought we would find. The last 30 minutes we invited all the classes to join us in our room, to watch a movie! Hope your kids had a wonderful week. Please check out the “REQUESTS AND REMINDERS” listed below!

Have a wonderful weekend~


Coloring inside a box

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box fort

Reading "not a box"

driving and repairing the jeep

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box hunt


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