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Stairs into a Piano? What?!

Students in the Saber Maker Club used Makey Makey Invention Kits to turn the Media Center Stairs into a piano during both homerooms on Friday Community Day on Dec. 14. Next Maker Club meeting will be Friday, January 15. Students can sign up HERE to get on the Saber Maker Club email list. All are welcome!
Maker club

Baby Got....Golgi Apparatus

Students in Mr. Blascziek's Biology classes are in the thick of their Cell Parts campaign project. A bunch of them have been using the green screen spaces in the media center to create some fantastic projects!

Students can use the green screen room anytime between 7:30--4:30 for personal or academic projects. The media center staff is here to help them get started. Teachers, if you are interested in incorporating the green screen technology into a project and would like to collaborate on this, please get in touch with Sandy Reishus in the MC.

Check out the campaign project below by Nicole Brandon, Kayla Hokanson, Emma Gessinger, Erin Olson, and Magaly Estrada. Baby Got Golgi Apparatus!

Nicole- Golgi

5th Wave Book-to-Movie Event!

So far, about 40 high school students have signed up for The 5th Wave Book-to-Movie Event! We will have two book club meetings (Dec. 18 & Jan. 8) during both homerooms. Then on the evening of January 14, students will have the opportunity to see The 5th Wave in the theaters before it's even released to the general public!

The Book to Movie Club costs $15 and includes your own personal copy of The 5th Wave (to keep) and a movie ticket for the pre-release event. Can't join the book club? Don't panic! You can still attend the movie. Tickets will be sold at a later date. More details to follow.

Sign up HERE if you are interested, and see Ms. Reishus in the MC to get your copy of the book.

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