Discussion 8: Social Media Sites

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Social Media Sites Overview

Social media sites are constantly evolving. The once popular Facebook has been mostly abandoned by the eighteen and younger crowd. This generation has moved to sites such as Vine, Snap Chat, Kik, Instagram,Yik Yak, Tinder, and the still popular Twitter. Facebook is considered old news for old people. As a high school educator, this is the teenage word on the street. According to the majority, only their parents use Facebook.


Still highly popular with teenagers is Twitter. The advantages of Twitter is that it is mobile device-friendly. Although you cannot upload large assignments such as on the social media site, Edmodo, Twitter remains a viable tool for class collaboration and connection. Here are some frequent educational uses for Twitter for teaching and training:

  • Widely used by content teachers, sports, clubs, and general school announcements.
  • A great way to keep class discussions alive after the session has ended.
  • Reminder system for assignments, directions, and due dates.
  • A collaboration tool to support teamwork, belonging, and interpersonal relationships.
  • Creates a supportive relationship between instructor and student; makes individual students feel part of an entire community.


Edmodo is a teacher favorite. Not only is it used as a Learning Management System (LMS), it is also considered a social media site that is vetted and teacher-controlled. Much like Moodle and Schoology, Edmodo allows the instructor to upload assignments, videos, begin discussions, accept students' posts, issue reminders, and provide the student with 24-hour connection to the teacher. Edmodo can be accessed on desktop or mobile device and offers a much more extensive list of applications than Twitter. Here are some frequent educational uses for Edmodo for teaching and training:

  • Instructor creates classes and invites/accepts friends/members.
  • Teacher and students can post comments with the teacher having all editing rights.
  • Vetted; promotes legal, safe, and healthy digital citizenship and online behavior.
  • Availability to upload assignments, videos, and reminders.
  • Layout is similar to Facebook.
  • Increases student interaction and collaboration.
  • Builds a support network between student and teacher and among a class as a cohesive unit.

Real Teacher Testimonial: A Science Teacher Talks about Using Social Media in the Classroom

Jane Cruce, NBCT Science, knows all too well that working with teenagers requires extreme organization. Read her real-classroom connection to Schoology, another highly-popular LMS and social media site in education:

"I now use Schoology. It benefits me as a teacher because I post most of my assignments and all of my power points on my class accounts. I have several on-line google assignments each Unit, so it also gives me a place to place the links for those. I am able to make the students responsible for their own learning if they have been absent or are struggling on a certain concept. They know the assignments are posted each unit and can use them as they choose. They are always welcome to send me a note through Schoology that will alert me on my cell phone. A few students have done that this year. I feel it has made them happy, safe, and legal. I don't use the blog feature and don't allow them to post blogs either."

Social Media Top 10 in Teaching and Training

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