All about me!


There are many things that I like to do, some of which are listed below

  • Soccer
  • Play Steam Games
  • Roller Blade
  • Water Ski
  • Solomon Ski
  • Wake-board
  • Tubing
  • Air Soft
  • Shoot
  • Sleeping In Hammock's
  • Build PC's

- And VolleyBall

One website that I like is called Steam

Steam is a gaming platform, that all different game makers send there games to. You Can Buy and sell your own games on there to. Some of the games that I enjoy on Steam are...

  • Garry's Mod...
  • Portal 2...
  • Minecraft
  • Half-Life

(P.S)-Steam Is blocked

Vacation: Christmas-Dominican Republic

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Building Computers

Building computer sis probably one of my favorite activity's besides soccer...

Most computers are made up of...

  • Mother board
  • Graphics card
  • Ram
  • Power supply
  • Hard drives
  • DVD drives

-And cables for all of these parts

My Favorite Class's

My Favorite class's in school besides my core class's is probably Computers Class...

I like it because...

  • It deals with computers
  • We get to take apart computers
  • And most of our assignments are online


Rating my other class's

  1. ELA- Mrs.Dale and Mrs.Beriman are awesome
  2. Social Studies- Easy
  3. Math- Mr.Hill is Chill
  4. Science- It's ok?

If PE were in here, it would be number 3

My 5 Favorite's

  • TV: Marval's agents of shield
  • Game: Half Life
  • Drink: Bahama Mama
  • Vacation: Punta Cana
  • App: Exploding Kittens

My Favorite Inside Jokes

  • "Cheapy Cheapy"
  • "This is for You"
  • "You Like?"
  • "Were your Father"
  • "You Buy?"

-From The Dominican Republic

My Peer Reviewer was-Ben